In Kiev fraudsters are operating in the rental market

05.01.2020 00:00
In the capital recently recorded more cases of fraud in the market rent of apartments, warn specialized media. Picture: In Kiev fraudsters are operating in the rental marketOn pillars, on the Internet, in newspapers ads are placed by attackers with very favorable prices for rental apartments. When asked to show potential tenants room or apartment, drop photos and offer to sign a contract for 1500-2000 hryvnia.

After signing the contract sent to tenants at the address. But the promise of housing was not detected. Law enforcement officials say that the victims of such scams in recent years has become a lot.

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"Over these agreements are several lawyers, educated, even law firms are working on these agreements, work legally, the subtleties, and to prove that it is fraud, it is possible only through the courts," - commented Igor Mihalko, spokesman for the State Ministry of Interior in Kiev .

If we read it carefully, it turns out that the money did not come from the rent, and for the provision of information services. Today in court is one such case.

Earlier, we reported the signs of a scam in the sale of real estate.
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