In Kiev, build 16 houses for 1700 apartments

28.01.2011 20:57
Articles about real estate | In Kiev, build 16 houses for 1700 apartments According to Chief of Housing KSCA Vladimir Denisenko, in 2011 for the construction of affordable housing provided by 253.3 mln. from the city budget. In addition, this program is planned to attract funds from the public funds and government support, through which planned to build 1700 apartments in 16 buildings, including:
st. B. Kitaevskaya, 55-57;
on the F / M Poznyak, 4 m-n, 36;
st. S. Lazo, 4-6, 1, 2;

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on the F / M Poznyaki, 3, uch. 19, 1, 2;
st. Bauman, 25, 27, 28;
at the intersection of Avenue of Science, 80, str. Ushakova, 71, on the w / m Troyeshchyna, 26-A square, 4, 8, 11, 12, on the w / m Poznyak, 2 m-n, 2, 9, 10, str. Alma-Ata, 109-B.

Commissioned by SOE Zhitloinvestbud-UCB and SOE Spetszhilfond plans to continue building zadelnyh houses for the housing register waiting list and start building new ones. Also under development of design estimates for construction of houses on the street. Kachalova Str. Sechenov, E. Wilde, st. Miloslavskaya etc. By order of JSC Holding Kyivmiskbud "commenced the erection of houses on the F / M Poznyak, about 2 m in the lane. Pink, the press service of the KSCA.

Vladimir Denisenko recalled that in 2010 in Kiev, were put into operation in 1012 ths. m total area, representing 107% of the volume in 2009. It's 52 residential homes on 9,859 apartments. According to him, one in seven apartments in the capital last year on a request of the Main Department of Housing and dependent utilities. They have commissioned 10 residential homes on the 1,422 apartments with total area of 104.4 thousand square meters. m, including 30.9 thousand square meters. m constructed by the city budget.

In 2010, the General Directorate of Housing to participate in the Government initiated a significant social program completion of the unfinished houses. SOE Zhitloinvestbud-UCB performs completion of 8 houses on zhilmassive Troyeshchyna, 26-A m-n. House number 5, 6, 13 and 14, the total area of 53.8 thousand square meters. m, in operation, the long-awaited apartment were 742 families. House number 4, 8, 11, 12, will be commissioned in the II half of 2011.

Along with the construction of new housing the reconstruction of old housing stock, in particular, is a reconstruction of the neighborhood "Sotsgorod, where in 2010 on the site demolished houses obsolete housing stock was built two apartment buildings by 304 apartments with a total area of 26, 5 thousand square meters. m

Also on the site of the former residences built 74-apartment house on the street. Tukhachevsky, 44, 155-apartment house on the street. Vasilchenko, 3 and 70-apartment house on the street. Syretska 32.

As of January 1, 2011 to housing lists is 112,473 families. Over the past year, all declined to 2,827 families. In accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On the housing stock of social purpose" on social housing lists are 142 families.
In 2010, the housing register waiting list for free provided 471 apartments with total area of 33,936 square meters. m, of which 124 apartments - for the Great Patriotic War Veterans Group I acquired over the state and city budgets and 50 apartments with total area of 2,095 square meters. m from the social housing stock.

In addition, the program of affordable housing («70x30», «60x40») housing register waiting list distributed to 721 apartments. With public support (the program 50x30x20) is built 252 apartments.
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