In Khmelnytsky approved a new assessment of land

16.11.2010 14:37
Articles about real estate | In Khmelnytsky approved a new assessment of land During the next session of Khmelnytsky city council deputies propose to adopt a new regulatory and monetary value of land the regional center. As told to "DS" Head of Land and Land Reforms City Council Sergei Samyshkin, a document developed by the State Institute of Urban Design "Giprograd" back in 2009, received a positive opinion of all instances.

The need for its adoption official explains that the current standard cost of land was approved about ten years ago and now does not match market realities. "The town grew rapidly - to build new roads, housing estates, ennobles the central part", - informs Mr. Samyshkin.

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In the development of infrastructure invested budgetary funds return at least part of which the authorities intend by raising the cost of renting and selling land.
According to the document area of the city is divided by 64 price band.

The final cost of an allotment will depend on the functional and local factors, which will multiply the normative price. If the deputies will give the good, the average cost of local areas will increase by 2,3 times: from the current 77.4 to 176 USD / sq. m

At the same time more expensive and rental of allotments. For example, if located outside Proskurovsky (center), cafe area of 92 square. m to date lists to Khmelnitsky treasury 5.321 ths. a year after the adoption of the document its annual contributions will rise to 12.238 thous.

And the owner of warehouse area of 2.903 sq. meters on the street Factory (outskirts) instead of the current 11.48 ths. would pay 26.4 ths. per year. "Price increase will affect both new and existing tenants. Absolutely in all contracts with businessmen stipulates that in case of changes in the regulatory assessment of the rent is automatically increased ", - emphasized Mr. Samyshkin.

Working in the village entrepreneurs say that the mere increase in the cost of rent is not critical for them. For example, in the capital of the land rent is twice as high. But amid the general strengthening of the financial burden on business, this decision may lead to the care of the merchants in the shade.

"From July this year, all legal entities operating on a fixed tax, the monthly transfer to UAH 300. Pension Fund, and from January next year - 100 grn. a month from each employee's social security fund.

If you grow more and rents, for many it becomes an intolerable burden "- the head of the trade union for the protection of entrepreneurs Khmelnitsky Hope Knets. Most of this decision affected the markets, developers and builders, as well as market traders and shopkeepers in the mall.

"The leaders of bazaars and shopping malls try to shift the costs of growing up on the shoulders of their tenants. If sellers can not raise their prices for fear of the outflow of buyers, they will leave. As a result, one will be unemployed, others will be empty areas and the reduction of income "- predicts the head of the Regional Business Council Khmelnitsky Natalia Potapova.

The problem of construction is that most of them rent their land to the time of the erection of the object, after which they either return to the city, or buying back (during the construction of commercial real estate). Started construction company already has an approved budget, and a sharp increase in costs can lead to conflict with the investor and the freezing of the object, as observed in 2008

Disadvantageous to tenants and will buy the leased plots. How to tell "DS" in the real estate agency Zlatograd Plus, to date, plot cafes or private building in the downtown area can be purchased for $ 15-18 thousand sq.m., while local authorities after the adoption of new regulatory costs will be offering it to $ 20 thousand sq.m..

"If the land value exceeds the regulatory expertise (market), the legislation stipulates that the authorities are obliged to sell holdings to the highest price. But she was not competitive. Now the land market froze a few buyers require substantial discounts ", - explained the agency's specialists.

Understand it and the officials, according to which of the intention to buy land for building said less than 1% of a thousand tenants. To enhance this process, the authorities have decided to follow the advice of realtors and offer customers a discount. During the first year after the adoption of new regulatory assessment officials are willing to reduce the land value by 30%, second year - 20%, and a third - 10%.
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