In July of second homes in the Crimea cheaper

05.09.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | In July of second homes in the Crimea cheaper In July of residential real estate in the secondary market Crimea fell by an average of 5% in U.S. dollars. Such data announced Coordinator trading system REM Navigator Oleg Sikorski.

He said the decline in prices was observed in all market segments. "The decline in prices due to the July decline of the traditional activity associated with summer heat and the holiday season. It should also take into account the large influx into the market of new facilities in April or May, which disrupted the balance of supply and demand", - explained the expert.

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Sikorski said that in comparison with June on the secondary market in Simferopol 1-bedroom apartments have fallen in price by an average of 2,7% to 1090 dollars per square meter, 2-room - 5% to 1,069 dollars per square meter house - 3, 4% to 1,153 dollars per square meter. "With this 3-bedroom apartments went up by 1,8% to 873 dollars per square meter", - said the expert.

As previously reported, in June, with a significant reduction in demand for residential real estate in Crimea, the number of objects for sale has increased and approached pre-crisis level.

10 rules of the sale and purchase of housing in the Crimea
When choosing an apartment in new buildings Crimea, do not forget to check the developer's home. One of the most reliable sources of information- former clients. Do not be lazy to go to the already constructed objects, if any, and ask residents about the quality of the apartments and services. Pay particular attention to how many years on the market, the company, in that has invested time and whether these projects, whether it has the right to property (documents on the lease) of land and permission to build residential houses were completed there.

It has a beautiful view from the window is often used as an additional factor to attract home buyers in the Crimea. Resist the emotional descriptions in the brochures: it is possible that in place of trees or lawns a few years will be a 30-storey building or highway. Ask the builder of housing in the Crimea or seller to acquaint you with the plan of development of the territory. Check out the information at the district council.

Choosing a house in the secondary market Crimean real estate, pay attention to the age of the building and its condition. Do not get carried away by external characteristics apartments- under beautiful wallpaper may hide cracks, sanitary engineering will not replace rotted pipes and infected with fungus concrete walls "cure" is almost impossible. Invite independent otsenschika- even on how to plastered walls he can determine whether repairs were made haste to hide the flaws.

Choosing a house in a new building of the Crimea, do not forget to check builder. One of the most reliable sources of information- former clients. Do not be lazy to go to the already constructed objects, if any, and ask residents about the quality of the apartments and services. Pay particular attention to how many years of experience in the market of the Crimean real estate company in that has invested money and time if these projects, whether it has ownership whether completed (documents to rent) to land and permission to build a house in the Crimea.

Purchase and sale of housing in the Crimea with the hands is not always cheaper. Agent differs from the seller, not only knowledge of the law and legal nuances of the transaction, but also the ability to negotiate professionally. This means that the transaction will be faster, with less time, moral and sometimes financial losses. In addition, professional realtor is the base of lawyers who can vouch for the cleanliness of the apartment legal.

If the transaction you have to deal with a large sum of money, so "Trust, but verify." The preliminary agreement must be clearly prescribed rules for the transfer of money through the banking cell: check the date and time of access. Because of the overlap and the seller may remain without an apartment, and without money. Organize a check of money with professional teller using special equipment. If you are a buyer, secure making an advance of money and laying in the cell, including by means of collection services.

Do not rush to make the final decision about buying a home in the Crimea, especially if the search for suitable options you have chosen summer. Find out if there are any nearby school or other educational institution. In autumn, when the holidays come back with the youth, it may be not only noisy in the vicinity, but also unsafe. Try to find out who your future neighbors. By the end of the holiday season usually increases and the flow avtomashin- note how the motor are located nearby line and estimate the time you'll probably spend in traffic jams.

Check the validity of all alterations to the selected apartment, as well as find out whether the plan agreed upon by them in the BTI. If redevelopment takes place, and you did not bother to check this, the authorities may require you to bring the apartment to its former state.

LEGAL uninformed
Not everyone who would call themselves a real estate agent or notary public The reality is. Check with your agent the presence of the agency contract, its duration, provided the reasons for termination. Ask permission make a photocopy agency contract and show it to the lawyer, to whom all the details will be obvious. When buying on the secondary housing market in the Crimea analyze how often sold apartment, and possibly see the reason for this phenomenon.

Inability BARGAIN
If you buy a house through an agent, keep in mind that most of the proposals already contained in the electronic versions of real estate databases. Hoping to buy an apartment as close to owner, pay more attention to this issue. When buying with it, keep in mind that put up for sale apartments in most cases are overestimated tsenu- 10-15%. Bargain within reason.

Disorder in the apartment
If you sell an apartment and getting ready to move, take the time to bring the house in order. Even such a trifle as clean windows, may have a decisive influence on potential buyers.
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