In Japan, built the "city of the future"

13.10.2010 05:28
"City of the Future" will consist of an artificial island with a diameter of 3 kilometers with a gigantic skyscraper in the center.<br /><br />Conceptual design of Environmental Island, designed by a Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation, involves the construction of many such islands. Between them should run water transport.<br /><br />In the center of each island will be placed skyscraper height of 1000 meters. In the lower part of the building will accommodate industrial and commercial premises, as well as farm crops. The top of the building will be home to 30 thousand people.<br /><br />As reported by Inhabitat, skyscrapers will be fully self-sustaining. Sources of energy will be solar panels and wind turbines and thermal installations. Note that the stand-alone building that can accommodate the population of a small town, were called arcology.<br /><br /><br />
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