In Japan, built a steel house, where you can not freeze in winter

10.06.2011 11:33
Articles about real estate | In Japan, built a steel house, where you can not freeze in winter In Japan, built a house of steel, the project is executed architectural studio MDS. The building is completely made ??of sheet steel, and has no additional structural elements, cluttering the space. Such a system is very useful for internal planning.

As for insulation, it is achieved by using special paints. Layer of such paint is not an example familiar to us block heater, very thin.

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Architects and engineers have developed MDS such a structure wall, where you may not need additional layers of insulation. In this case, was taken into account that such walls in order to save must be erected without the involvement of experts in the field of high technologies. That is the method of construction should be as simple as possible.

Architects managed to reach a maximum thickness of walls - 10 centimeters. The building has a height of 10 meters. In the building there are no thermal bridges, which are usually carried out through heat loss.
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