In Ivano-Frankivsk newly identified 300 illegal

24.02.2011 18:51
Articles about real estate | In Ivano-Frankivsk newly identified 300 illegal 300 illegal newly discovered in Ivano-Frankivsk staff of the Office of Architecture and Urban Planning.

According to Deputy Chief of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ivano-Frankivsk Svetlana Losyukov, this preliminary data on the illegal new buildings that need to be thoroughly studied and dealt with, because people can have a building permit or project documentation, but do not have permission to start construction work. Besides, can a decision to grant permission, not recorded in an electronic database.

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Most of the new buildings - garages and illegal extensions and add-ins to homes.

In addition, recorded in 1950 of illegally-built new houses.

However, if willfully putting up buildings on the technical parameters are completely safe, the officials promised to legalize. If the structure does not meet current standards, the court will decide their fate.

For the sake of security of the inhabitants of some new developments worth even dismantle, convinced the city Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

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