In Italy sold homes for $1

01.02.2018 01:00
Articles about real estate | In Italy sold homes for $1 The town of Ollolai, located in the mountainous region of Barbadja on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, offers hundreds of abandoned houses for only $ 1.2. Though with a dirty trick: 200 stone buildings are in bad condition, and new owners must perform repairs for three years, spending about $ 25 thousand.

The reason for the generous sale is to rejuvenate the city's population, which soon risks becoming a "ghost." Over the past half-century, the population of Ollolaya has declined from 2,250 to 1,300 people, and each year only a few children were born.

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Previously, the capital of the Barbadja region - Ollolai - remained the most untouched and authentic place in Sardinia. But now the majority of local residents move to larger cities, which is why most of the stone houses here have long been empty and are gradually being destroyed.

To survive, the local shepherds continue to produce exquisite sheep cheese Casu Fiore Sardo, which is known in the area, and artisans still weave baskets. The city authorities contacted the former homeowners - shepherds, farmers and artisans - and asked them to sign an agreement on the transfer of local buildings to the city department.

Despite the poor conditions, three houses have already been sold, and the mayor says that he received more than 100 applications from around the world, including Russia and Australia. The mayor hopes that repair of houses will help create new jobs and revive the local economy.

An acute shortage of residents is now observed in many Spanish villages - especially in Catalonia.

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