In Israel, do not stop demonstrations against high house prices

28.07.2011 15:49
Articles about real estate | In Israel, do not stop demonstrations against high house prices Living in Israel, who pitched the tent cities on the streets of Tel Aviv, are not going to leave his makeshift commune. The protesters rejected a reform plan proposed by the authorities of the country, and intend to continue to hold rallies against high housing prices.

One of the leaders of the protest movement, a young Israeli journalist Daphne Leaf, said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is lying to us all, presenting his plan for reform." According to activists, the Israeli authorities would give free land for their friendly construction companies. Developers, in turn, build on their homes, which are then not go on public sale. Daphne Leaf believes that the proposed reform plan Prime Minister - this is merely the continuation of government's privatization program.

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"This is violence against people. How can they represent such a plan as a solution to the shortage of affordable housing? Who will they cost at home? "- Quoted by another activist The Globes.

The leaders of the protesters vowed to continue their rallies. According to them, the shares reached a peak Saturday night, when at the same time in many cities of Israel will come to the streets of thousands of people. By the way, the results of opinion polls, young people who are protesting against high prices for the sale and rental of real estate in Israel, supported by 87% of the population, writes The Guardian.

As previously reported, just a couple of weeks, a small "tent" pickets against high real estate prices in Israel and social inequalities have grown into a nationwide movement. On Saturday, July 23, more than 20 thousand demonstrators took to the streets of Tel Aviv.

Living in Israel demanded that the government take urgent measures aimed at reducing the cost of real estate. In the hands of the protesters were banners with the words: "People are more important than wealth" and "apartment - it is not luxury." Many called for the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In response to a mass protest the Israeli government has proposed a reform plan. The authorities promised to build 10 thousand apartments for students to raise taxes on vacant apartments and introduce discounts for parcels of land intended for construction of economic housing.

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