In Hydropark demolish 30 illegal buildings

06.04.2011 10:54
Articles about real estate | In Hydropark demolish 30 illegal buildings To replace them may appear a water park, dance pavilion, bowling club, a sports center with ice rink and swimming pool, children's center and aquarium.

The Day of Kyiv, 28 May, the authorities intend to clear the water park from illegal buildings. After the publication of "Today" on illegal cafes and stalls that have transformed a recreational area in the stone bag yesterday, the commission has reviewed the KCSA Islands and found about 30 new building without permits! As soon as they want to demolish, but the developers promise to sue, wrote today.

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Builds on the avenue. The raid began on the Venetian Bridge in the early morning. The first demolition sent unfinished gray, surrounded by a blue fence. Documents from the developer there. "To sue for demolition" - instructed Deputy KSCA on architecture and land Michael Kucuk. Nearby cafe, which they brought right to the alley, too, will take down: it prevents travelers to walk along the path. "What is this wilderness?" - Asks Kucuk, pointing to a site near the Venetian bridge fencing. "Kyiv City Council gave the land to rent, but pay 60 thousand UAH. for using the developer seemed to many, "- reports an official of the Dnieper RGA. "Prepare a draft decision for the session Kyivrada to cancel the lease" - summed up Kucuk.

CONCRETE ON THE BEACH. The most scandalous squatting - in Hydropark, which is responsible for SOE Pleso (off the island - three "master"). Such as landing-stage-hotel "Baccarat" in oral form, without any documents, were allowed to dock and to equip the embankment under the hotel. "Everything was done without permission. They pave tile, poured concrete cubes to a beach for mooring. Thus the hotel pays for the funny place 21 thousand UAH. a month "- said Kucuk. Part of the beach transferred into private hands under the open-air cafes. For example, the "Golden Beach", near the bridge Paton - already prepared with concrete steel structures. And near Lake Birch generally built several houses and cut down nearly a thousand trees, gardens area barrier. "Who are you? I was told no one going, "- cried the commission released in underwear sleepy guard. Builders, meanwhile fled through the woods.

DEVELOPERS. Builders are going with the mayor's office to sue for squatting. "Some of the permits to get realistic, and therefore build. We will be in court to defend the right to a place in Hydropark "- said one of the owners of the restaurant. Part of the developers do not believe that the municipality will be honest to deal with them. "Once one deputy Chernovetsky was at such events, but nothing changed. Tore down several tents, but the next day they appeared again, "- says the owner.

But now City Hall, as Michael told us Kucuk, intends to make draft decisions on the abolition of all land acquisition in the green zone in the Kyiv City Council. "Those who have no documents - carry. Small samostroi, which can be lifted by crane, take away any time soon. On large construction projects will connect the prosecutor and the police "- told us Kucuk.


How will the Euro-2012 water park? The chief architect of Kiev Sergey Tselovalnik believes that developed a few years ago a detailed development plan Hydropark to approve the session Kyivrada and already on it to carry out construction on the island. "It is necessary to impose this plan on the current appearance of the island and clean all that was built against him. Now there is a chaotic, blatant development of land, as at some Wild West. About 60% of the buildings - without any documents. Cook, neglecting sanitary standards. Building, in violation of the law, the 100-meter coastal zone, "- tells us Sergei Tselovalnik.

If the plan is approved, in Hydropark may appear an aqua park, a modern dance floor, bowling club, a sports center with ice rink and swimming pool, children's center and the aquarium, and a huge restaurant, children's nutrition. But all this will be done only if there are investors. Due to the city authorities are going to take place in sewer and water park zonirovat it. "Everything is now in the cesspools drained. And it somehow gets into the Dnieper. After the demolition samostroev need to impose new, interesting plants, clear lake, clear zonirovat, where it would be: feed zone, zone for children and adults, beach area, "- says Tselovalnik. But on the "Disneyland", which was planned in Hydropark Tselovalnik expressed reservations. "It can not be in addition to the fact that there is. Or Disneyland, or what we have planned, "- said the chief architect.


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