In Heidelberg build energy-efficient district

09.03.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate | In Heidelberg build energy-efficient district In the small German town of Heidelberg's historic plan to build the area, who can help and the local real estate market, and the environment, as it will consist solely of "passive houses", ie buildings with very low energy consumption, according to information The Wall Street Journal. Heidelberg's population is 150 thousand people. The new district is located near the central train station in an area of ​​116 hectares. According to forecasts of the project developers, called Bahnstadt, in the new area will be accommodated 5,000 people, and 7,000 workers who will be employed in laboratories, offices and shops.

The idea of ​​the project is that the sun, the bodies of men and electrical appliances generate most of the heat in the "passive houses", with special windows and an extra-thick layer of insulation to prevent leakage. Maintain temperature and keep fresh air circulating will be possible thanks to a high-tech filtration system, which is equipped in each room.

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Heidelberg authorities hope that other German cities to follow suit on the way to reduce energy consumption.

The specialists note that the cost of "passive" houses only 3-5 percent higher than normal housing, but energy costs are 50-80% lower.

Complete the project worth 2 billion euros planned for 2014.
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