In Glevahe distribute land acres, the village is in decline

17.11.2011 00:45
Articles about real estate | In Glevahe distribute land acres, the village is in decline The scandal surrounding the self-trapping of the land and the usurpation of power in the village. Glevaha broke out with renewed vigor.

Wood into the fire every time a protracted conflict throw the previous chairman of the village council Shepelenko Alexander (who, after losing the election, and then rigged the results, unlawfully holds the position of the head of the territorial community) and its patrons. With the latest odious glevahsky "boss", famous for his generosity in the distribution of land "on the basis of bezoplatnoy" and illegal seizure of nearly 400 acres of public lands valuable National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, is the chair of the village chairman. Yes, and initiates a series of lawsuits, trying at all costs to stay on the job.

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Of course, the struggle for power distracted from their duties and cares about the interests of territorial communities. Local residents rightly be named to the fact that the village is in decline, the land sold is not known to whom.

"It has long been promised by the school and a kindergarten or not. Children are forced to travel to school a long way over a highway - says a resident of the village Tamara Belenko. - The green zone is destroyed, its territory was given to private developers. Of course, no one with the community on such issues is not advised, decisions on the ground has not been seen. "

"We can not achieve, who gave permission for distribution to private hands Green Zone - outraged Galina Barsuchenko. - Previously, there flowed a river Gleva on its shores grazing goats, children were playing. Now there can not be local! All in private hands. Give land acres. Even the plot allocated for the playground, gave his son the deputy. Weeds there as a man, and the children played on the road, because nowhere else. Even ponds - and those not in the public domain, and the "prihvatizirovany."

"We got to have and forests are cut down for construction - joining the conversation another resident Glevahi Andrew Piven. - Just think, on what basis the woods suddenly became a bush!? And it is so now he is listed in the documents. Lots are sold, and the forest - the ax. This arbitrariness can not be tolerated any longer. Worse than after the invasion of conquerors. "

From these scraps of conversation you can understand the mood of people who are very concerned that Shepelenko will continue to lead in Glevahe. He behaves impudently, because it has good support in government and law enforcement agencies at various levels. Before the election came into the Party of Regions (although in the past led Vassilkovskaya rayorganizatsiyu "United Center"). He indulges the district and regional authorities. Such as Shepelenko, manageable, and flexible, the party in power is needed.

The fact that Shepelenko left sitting in the chair of the village chairman, worries and researchers working in the experimental farms of NASU, located in Glevahe and its suburbs.

"Approved in 2010-2011. court decisions in favor of the state on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences are not met, - said the deputy director of the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, NAS of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of NASU Victor Schwartau. - Returned to the court of land NAS continues to actively be built. On the experimental fields of the institute private developers erecting houses, build roads to them, seize new land. Areas of land, issued "basis on bezoplatnoy", and not the people Glevahi, and persons from different regions of Ukraine - 1.5-2 ha and even 12 ha. So much so, that on arable land set IL-62 is elevated and entertainment complex, construction is under way even in winter wheat seed.

District and regional administration estranged from distribution of the legality of land and the issuance of instruments on the ground to individuals in the main breeding center in Ukraine. Local authorities are in fact indulging illegal occupation of public lands, virtually ignoring the order of the Prime Minister of Ukraine of 22.06.2011, at which was necessary to provide effective protection of state interests in this matter. "

At the beginning of September. , President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician Boris Paton was forced to write to the head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prysiazhniuk with a request to take urgent action on the closure of private lands for the construction of the NAS of Ukraine.

Response of the Kyiv Regional State Administration in a letter to the president of NAS could be called a typical bureaucratic unsubscribing, if not conspicuous one significant detail. A public official does not see anything illegal in that state on earth "citizens received state acts on the right of private property."
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