In Germany, built the house, sunflower

24.08.2010 09:00
In Germany, built the house, sunflowers, which during the day revolves around its axis after the movement of the sun to set up on a solar panel receives the maximum energy.<br /><br />Draft Heliotrope is a three-story residential structure of cylindrical shape mounted on a column height of 14.5 meters and a diameter of 2,6 meters, wrote Inhabitat.<br /><br />The total area of unusual property is 286 sq.m. "The roof is photovoltaic panel output 6.6 kilowatts It is five times more than you need a building to ensure all their energy needs" - the newspaper writes.<br /><br />As noted in the material, and other environmentally sound technologies that are used in construction, are water treatment systems and rainwater collection.<br /><br />"Heliotrope built in Freiburg on the draft of the architectural bureau Ralph Disch Solar Architecture Its author Ralph Disch 25 years ago, actively opposed the construction of nuclear power in the city, after which he advocated the use of alternative sources of energy in housing - in particular, solar energy," - noted reported.<br /><br />As noted earlier, in Austria Markus Voglreyter architect designed for himself near the historic district of Salzburg unusual avtorezidentsiyu - residential building in the form of car<br /><em></em>
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