In Eugenia Timoshenko stolen land

21.02.2011 10:44
Articles about real estate | In Eugenia Timoshenko stolen land You'll laugh, but Eugene Carr, the daughter of Yulia Tymoshenko, actually stole the land in Koncha Zaspa and buildings on it.

About "Browser" said a source in the "Fatherland".

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The trouble arose from the fact that the land has been issued not to a daughter the leader of the Fatherland ", and the figurehead. Here it is him, as often happens in such cases, in the end and taken away.

Earlier Browser also citing a source in the "Fatherland" said the Eugene Carr and her husband, British rocker and biker Sean Carr, intend to legalize their property Concha Zaspa - real estate and land 2,5 ha . All those directly involved Olga Tregubova, the first assistant Yulia Tymoshenko. The very same Tregubova then denied this information.

But the "Browser" managed to obtain additional information in connection with this case. Thus, plots Eugene Carr are located in suburban cooperative "Concha Zaspa, Holoseievski district of Kyiv, namely in the town of Concha-headed, 27-a. Holds a total area of 2.5 ha were at one time divided into several sections and decorated to front men, among whom there are supposedly following characters:

1. Dnipropetrovsk businessman Tatyana Sharapova, a cousin of Yulia Tymoshenko and the daughter of the leader of Dnepropetrovsk "Fatherland" Antonina Ulyahinoy.

2. Vladimir Kalyuzhny.

3. Michael Galamba.

4. A Chaplygin.

After Tregubova has to work to change the purpose of sites as a source told the "Fatherland", it turned out that Vladimir Kalyuzhny "held" by BTI part of structures than in addition to the disposal of land in Eugene Carr actually documented the illegal construction in the forest area in the area.

As a result, Yulia Tymoshenko allegedly instructed the deputy-BYT Garegin Arutyunov, a native of Dnepropetrovsk, find this very Kalyuzhny, who does not want to get in touch.

Browser again phoned Olga Tregubova. Assistant Tymoshenko once again went into otritsalovku, saying that she did not know about it. From the list of those to whom allegedly furnished land, she personally knows only Sharapova, but can not say anything about the fact whether she owns land in Koncha Zaspa or not. Tregubova and familiar with the deputy Arutyunov, but I have not spoken with him. Connect us with a parliamentarian she refused, because he can not find his phone number.

"Browser" is ready to reply the word in its pages of Yulia Tymoshenko, Eugene Carr, the deputy Arutyunov, Tatyana Sharapova, as well as requests Vladimir Kalyuzhny contact the editors.

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