In Estonia, the decrease in the number of deals with housing

07.06.2010 12:22
<div style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 12px;"><span style="font-family: Tahoma;">In I quarter the number of transactions with apartments in Estonia decreased by 14% from the previous quarter.<br /><br />The total value of deals fell by 12%. However, in comparison with I quarter 2009 the number and volume of sales of apartments in the country increased by 19% and 47% respectively, according to a report of Ober-Haus.<br /><br />In Tallinn, the most popular apartments cost € 50-96 thousand. Apartments in need of repair, were sold from € 640 per square. m. flats in good areas, priced at € 1200-1790 per sq. m, and in the Old City - to € 2045 per sq. m<br /><br />Detached house in Tallinn and the suburbs were sold in the I quarter at a price € 83-115 thousand. Under construction or in need of repair facilities at a distance from Tallinn cost about € 38-95 thousand.<br /><br />According to experts, by the end of the year house prices in the country stabilized. Buying activity will largely depend on the credit policy of the Estonian banks: the number of transactions will increase if conditions for the issuance of mortgage will be more favorable.<br /><em><strong> </strong></em><br /></span></span></div>
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