In England, sold a house that can withstand a nuclear explosion

29.10.2010 00:05
In the UK, for sale for 350,000 pounds mansion with four bedrooms. The main feature is the presence of a nuclear bunker.

Home owner Mike Thomas built it in 1985 when the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union reached its peak. Construction at a cost of 200,000 pounds in terms of modern money, writes

Thomas argues that he was able to build the most fortified residential facility in the country: the bunker, which is located under the house at a depth of 6 meters and can withstand the blast power of about 1 megaton. This is 80 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

You can get into the bunker through a hatch in the kitchen or through a false cupboard in his office. Over an area of 28 sq. m stored food and water, enough to sustain a family of several people during the month. The bunker is equipped with an independent diesel generator, toilet, telephone and TV with DVD-player and microwave. The thickness of the walls of the bunker at 80 cm

The object is located in the town of Brixham in Devon. Thomas intends to move here because it considers nuclear war unlikely. According to him, bin can now be used for protection against robbers, or as a playroom for children.

Threat of a nuclear strike, terrorists, and you can not write off, says Thomas. True, if this strike and will be unlikely to terrorists interested in a small fishing town in Devon.
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