In elite cottage villages - all is well

25.10.2010 09:22
Articles about real estate | In elite cottage villages - all is well When it comes to a very expensive purchase, they were classified as "elite" and is separated from the main market of the gold labeled VIP. But now a cloud of financial problems hanging over, even those who tried to "ride out" the downturn in the shadow of the vast state. In an increasingly competitive primary indicator of success suburban complex are buyers who invest in it's own funds. For developers it is time to honesty in deeds and actions. Savings on quality, inadequate infrastructure, the discrepancy claimed class and ill-conceived marketing can doom even in an emergency stop the construction of towns elite class.

Vicious circle
The appearance of cottage townships at the time to infuse the European spirit in the life of the metropolitan elite. They have a very short time gained widespread popularity thanks to an undeniable advantage. The opportunity to stay in a homogeneous society, the existence of centralized communications, security, service, necessary infrastructure to quickly withdraw the format of the leaders of a country market. But the cost of this pleasure was appropriate. On the wave of the dynamic development of economy seven-digit amount lost in our minds its unreality, and millions of American and European currency units quietly cruised to the real estate market.
Active promotion of suburban living, decent neighborhood, clean air and did the job. Wealthy people are really turned the attention towards the cottage settlements. A further development has gone on increasing. Following the first owners of estates reached a series of friends, acquaintances and business partners. And for a short period of time a country house from just comfortable housing has become a measure of the status and financial independence, a kind of must have national elite. Those who are on the way to the summit has not yet received the required balance in the account came to the aid of credit facilities.
When the spring of 2008, the U.S. real estate market crisis has pushed our bankers to review and tightening of mortgage terms, the developers' towns-millionaires "continued to be optimistic about the future. Developers confidence in the stability of their projects based on the fact that their target audience to a minimal degree tied to loans. The market, however, as the whole body, reacted to a failure in one segment of the painful shock of the whole system. Difficulties in lending to reduce the flow of real buyers, significantly decreased the number of transactions, the prices slowly creeping down. In the premium segment identified three main trends: the need to use funds for other purposes - priorities (such as support for their own business), cooling investment expectations from investments in real estate and, finally, the waiting is the maximum fall in the value.
One way or another, but customers who are ready to make a purchase, on a suburban housing market has remained very respectable enough. And they agree to buy only items that match all the parameters of "elitism" and attained the highest degree of readiness. Today, the level of responsibility of developers to investors has increased significantly. They must not only qualitatively and in time to put into operation cottages, but also to implement all the declared objects of the engineering and social infrastructure. If something declared by only a "beauty" and increase the attractiveness of the town, we must recognize this and, consequently, reduce the price level. "The status of" town-millionaire "- is a constant, a kind of rating - explains Alla Zhabyuk, sales director of cottage village" Sun Valley ".- And it's not so much in value as under the most demanding buyers. Even if the house was worth more than $ 1 million, but did not respond to these parameters, it means that he was overrated and now its price will fall. "
"The more houses in the village sold for life and not for investment purposes, the higher the customer requirements for comfort and durability of houses," says Natalia, Bashinskaya-Head of Marketing Group of Companies Maetok.

Millionaire by calling
So what are the characteristics of priority for the Ukrainian elite and for what they are willing to pay seven figures? The basic factors are prestigious location and rich natural resources: the presence of forest, water reservoir (lake or river), picturesque surroundings and good ecology. That's what people are looking beyond the noisy city. The high level of transport accessibility, quality track, convenient access roads and roads within the village are also a powerful argument in favor of the object. "All of this is necessary for a person to live fully there and not come only on weekends" - emphasizes Alla Zhabyuk.
Requirements for the location and natural resource scrupulously observed by all developers "towns-millionaires." These settlements are located either in the Concha Zaspa (Sribna Zatoka "," Golden Gate "," Alpiyka "," Desnyanska Hvilya "," Pine Bor ") or one of the Obukhov highway (" Sun Valley "," Plyutovo) . A small distance from the capital, equal to the distance to Odessa and Novoobuhovskogo highway, literate concept and positioning brought in the "millionaires" complex cottage towns "Mayetok. Skarbnitsya Єvropi.
In 2009, declared itself an exclusive club settlement Riviera Villas. It attracts the beautiful nature and lots of water.
Within the metropolitan of Kiev - in the park area Holoseievski area - there is another "town-millionaire» Feofania Residences.
Developer elite settlements should take care to maintain the same architectural style, to provide professional protection of the territory, and quality service. And the list of services provided depends on the category and the cost of the project. "Recently, buyers have established a clear requirement for elite housing, they need a developed system of services that can meet the demands of the whole family - says Natalya Bashinskaya. - Of course, for potential residents of cottage communities important to have profes ¬ Noah management company providing a full range of services. Main current trend - the desire to combine the advantages of living in the countryside ¬ dimensional house with urban comfort level. "
"More and more buyers have been paying attention to quality construction. Reliability, environmental friendliness and natural materials used are the keystone. The more houses in the village sold for life and not for investment purposes, the higher the demands for comfort and durability of the cottages. Architectural preferences, too, are transformed. Receding into the past the construction of mansions in 3-4 floors. Today is relevant restrained European style, intelligent planning, the lack of "mismanagement" of the space. Transition priorities of the number of square feet to their quality is evident in almost all modern suburban projects ", such a view director of consulting company" RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko.

Director of Sales Club village Riviera Villas Ruslan Hitsyuk believes that "the important role played by face-control potential buyers, designed to maintain a uniform settlement of the social environment. While often this function is performed by pricing policy, which naturally excludes clients "not to" status. ".
With regard to public infrastructure, then the list is associated with remoteness from the metropolitan features. "Compulsory considered the presence of mini market, pharmacy, children's and sports fields, walking areas - explains Victor Kovalenko," An important advantage is the provision of essential medical services. "
Populated towns have a distinct advantage in the market because the buyer can personally verify what he pays for and meet future neighbors
Serious factor influencing consumer choice, is the readiness of the object. If the town had already commissioned, and even partially populated, it has every chance of slowly but surely sell in the current circumstances.
Do not agree with Ruslan Hitsyuk of Riviera Villas. According to him, "cottage communities with the concept of literate and observing all the promises made to the investor, sold successfully and in a crisis."
Practice has shown that identification of the town to "Millionaire", the development of relevant concepts and acquisition of land in a prestigious location do not guarantee success. On the road builder
can meet a lot of not giving in anticipation of obstacles. So Kiev suburban market is "lost" projects from the company ZaSpaGolf DeVision (the Great Dyke) and "Foresters Residence" from «XXI Century" (p. Foresters, Novo-Obukhov highway). Even the involvement of foreign experts and an active advertising campaign can not always save the project, which at first glance, on all criteria, the elite category.
Victor Kovalenko
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