In Donetsk, implement a unique program «Affordable Housing. Building Together»

01.08.2011 07:30
Articles about real estate | In Donetsk, implement a unique program «Affordable Housing. Building Together» The project "Building together" to ensure that young people of Donbass affordable housing prior to his appearance caused a stir in the media. Rumors, speculation, assumptions, and categorical assessment - is a natural reaction to the shortage of information. Ex-Governor Anatoliy Bliznyuk in July last year found a like-minded in his blog and suggested that the words get to the point. Project participants created an action team - the real work began.

It must be remembered that the beaten path in this case did not exist - just had to come alone. Ideology proposed by the governor, was simple. Who wants to build his house on one or more families - work. Power will help with the land, documents, communications, and even with soft loans. Not build on an individual basis, and together will be more profitable. Before the governor and the gathered around him a group of like-minded people once stood a few serious problems.

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Where to find the appropriate size piece of land? Feature of the city of Donetsk is no longer - there are no such grounds. Search accounted for in the field. Were necessary conditions for the connection of new communications, we have enough reserve power of existing networks. Availability of infrastructure - schools, kindergartens, cultural centers, sports clubs for children (a project designed for young people). Transport to and from Donetsk should be simple and easy - most of the participants to work in the capital region. The best option was part of a 9 ha in area Starobeshevo - infrastructure, direct route to Donetsk (30 km), near the reserve, which provides excellent air.

But if all these conditions at once there is a new problem - how to give the opportunity to participate in the project for everyone, but cut off the speculators, which automatically attracts such a scenario, and financial capabilities of these "investors" are much higher than for young families. Preserve the land owned by the state or local community? But who wants to build a house for their money in a foreign land? Disappears. Making the wish to collect a lot of inquiries? But each paper has its price, and an experienced land and real estate speculator there is no problem.

To all still cost per square meter in a new cottage or town house (with quality modern building materials, repair and all enclosed with their own land) came out two times cheaper than the price of the "square" in an apartment Donetsk new building. Not to mention the cottage town.

According to the project have the opportunity to hand over keys to the first group of participants as early as October this year. Successful implementation of the project will be the best example of other regions. Enough people who are ready to build your house. They do not ask the state to provide them with free housing. They need a little help - from the ground, with communications and credit without interest cannibalistic. To remove bureaucratic obstacles. And revealing that Donetsk will be a driving force and an example of a new ideology in the construction of affordable housing.

Many people confuse the project "Building together" with a queue for an apartment and other social projects. But it's not quite true. These are available, but no free housing. Authority gives free land, land acquisition and maintenance of documentation of the architectural project, the possibility of credit for 15 years at a symbolic rate of interest. A build together. Themselves. And decide for yourself - the color and height of the fence will not go there at all Saturday work to create something for his village. Do the owners of their responsibility. Naturally, the price goes twice cheaper than new buildings in Donetsk, because it is not laid the interests of the developer, and some "interested" prospect frightens officials call the wrath of the governor.

Naturally, interest in the project in the community ahead of the pace of construction. Questions very much like and want to join a team of associates. It's time to open the card. Questions of our correspondent meets the assistant chairman of the Donetsk regional administration Alexander Anfinogenov

- The project "Building Together" - which invites the provincial government? Earth, communication, ready at home?

- The power of people to offer help in buying a home in comfortable conditions for them at an affordable price. Power gives the ground with technical infrastructure, takes care of registration of all documentation and development projects, taking responsibility for housing in the fixed-term, good quality and reasonable price. Thus 70% of the cost of housing offers to pay in installments over 15 years. Today in our country there is nothing like

- When selecting a material for construction give preference to quality or low price?

- We tried to find a "middle ground". Construction technology should necessarily meet the following criteria: fast speed construction of housing, energy efficiency, low cost of construction, environmental friendliness, and at the same time the structure should be durable and capital.

- Of what will be built at home?

- At a meeting of Governor Anatoliy Bliznyuk people were offered different options for construction. Such as the LCS, SIP panels, frame-panel technology. The Working Group consulted with a lot of people - potential project participants, experts. Given people's opinion, we rejected the sandwich panels, the so-called "Canadian technology." But, unfortunately, there were rumors that the government proposes to build from plywood. This is false information. Of course it is best to build in stone, but, unfortunately, the cost of such construction does not fall below 6000 USD. per m2. Therefore, people themselves are interested in the panel construction technology, developed in conjunction with Knauf.

- What kind of material? What are their characteristics?

- The production of wall panels using high quality innovative materials of the best producers. Mineral and cementitious board «Aquapanel» production Knauf, mineral wool insulation ECOSE ® technology from the same manufacturer. Also, vapor barrier Fitek, based on natural ingredients without the use of phenol-formaldehyde and acrylic resins. Problem Statement from the Governor as follows: for the people the best quality for budget price. With modern technology it is possible.

- What are the projects of housing offered to participants?

- The participants are offered an apartment in a townhouse estimated area of ​​85 m2 and houses area of ​​103, 113 and 127 m2.

- How much will it cost per square meter? How much cottage or apartment in taunhase?

- A square meter of housing under the key will cost no more than 4000 USD per m2. In less than a townhouse. So the total cost of an apartment in a townhouse 329 800 UAH., Penthouse 103 m2 - 407 000 grn/m2

- What's in this price? Bare walls, a repair?

- This cost includes housing ready to finish (painted walls, tile in bathrooms, flooring, interior partitions and doors), heating and plumbing appliances, counters, appliances. For a project participant can only bring furniture and household appliances. Also do not forget that this price includes the land on which it has housing.

- What is a credit program, what conditions? What guarantees that these conditions after five years the lender does not review unilaterally?

- Conditions are as follows. Participant contributes at least 30% of the total estimated construction cost of the house, and the remaining amount of the citizen can repay within 15 years at 3% annually in local currency. Safeguards are in place in the contract and the position of the pilot project "Buduєmo at once," which is available at the information page of the project

- How to protect the project from speculators?

- It's a good question. Indeed in this project authority spends money on paperwork, design and estimate documentation, engineering services, losing to inflation. And there are not just wishing to improve their living conditions and earn by reselling gotovenkom. We have established a ban on the sale of housing within five years after signing the contract. We want to help the needy and not speculators.

- How is it legally is entitled to ownership of the house and on site?

- Ownership comes after all the obligations of a participant of the project under the contract. Prior to this he owns a house on lease with option to purchase,.

- Why did you decide to build houses and townhouses, apartment buildings instead? In close quarters it would be easier and cheaper.

- First of all, most people want to live in a quiet, individual home. Sociologists say that it is almost 70%. Already a huge part of society professes a philosophy of life in your home, including in our region. Second, the economic advantage of high-rise building is not quite true. Perhaps, under equal conditions - yes. But nobody wants to live in a nine-over town, and built in meter square. is considerably more expensive than our version. But we do not say "never." By this fanansovo legal model, we are going to build in other places and not necessarily an individual housing. It could be multi-storey buildings. Who likes that.

- It is defined development company?

- The operator of this project is to Donetsk Fund of individual housing construction in the village - a public institution that is both customer and owner of the dwelling to the performance of members

- How many families are already engaged in construction?

- Today, 23 families willing to build a Starobeshevo. There are wishing to build in Mar'insky area, Yasinovatskiy in Kramatorsk.

- How willing to join the project "Building together"?

- Participation in the project can be found at the project site or in the fund. Those interested can call me 307 60 53 or by telephone fund, which is on the site.

- At what stage is the implementation of ideas?

- Land allocation, approved by the town planning justification, is designed
Detailed design, developed and approved by order of the chairman of the ODA provision, at a session of the Regional Council approved the program, register of members is formed

- What are the obstacles encountered, and which still exist?

- Difficulties very much because it's quite a new thing. You remember how in the Bible - the broad gate and beaten convenient road leads the traveler did not go, where to go. Pioneer be difficult everywhere - in business, politics, science, or whatever. But the road by walking. The team can do something to break than most stubborn loner. The main thing - it is very good and necessary. This is the case, about which many years ago, the Americans say - "Do not let the poor fish, he eats it, and will again be hungry, give him a fishing rod." We have overcome so many obstacles that can enumerate forty minutes in the mode of a monologue. But it is necessary to go forward and not look back. Already seen the final result. And on our way tomorrow will go by many. They, of course, would be much easier.

- And what, now all rosy and there are no problems?

- No Problem. There are little things that irritate slightly without affecting the overall picture. There are no good intentions and results. We are not a word, and deed are solving a serious problem in society. Supporting each other, we can build a new life, all problems can be overcome. Today the biggest problem - lack of understanding. Rumors, speculation, outright stupidity, and that fall into the information space. This does not stop going forward, it will not deceive those who have already joined the program and made such a decision.

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