In Dnipropetrovsk, the majority of contracts for lease of land is paid at a lower rate

01.09.2010 04:53
Articles about real estate | In Dnipropetrovsk, the majority of contracts for lease of land is paid at a lower rate From 5519 leases of land, made land management Dnipropetrovsk City Council, on the 3762 contract is concluded an additional agreement on the rent at the rate of 3% of the normative monetary value of the land (rate, legally established in 2008).

That is a big part of the contract is paid at a lower rate (1% of the standard cost of land), which leads to huge shortfall in the budget. This was reported by the chairman of the interim control commission Dnipropetrovsk city council to monitor the filling of the revenue side of the city budget and audit of the executive bodies of the city council on the effective use of budget funds Natalia Nacharyan writes

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"Land Administration of the City Council believes that following the receipt of rent - a function solely of the fiscal authorities, despite the fact that, according to the Law on Local Self-government control over the payment of land tax is the responsibility of local authorities", - said N. Nacharyan. Indicate in land management and the inability to expand the staff to cover the entire scope of work.

According to the analysis of the situation, the commission recommended the City Council of Dnepropetrovsk create a structure that would have exercised this control by local authorities: the contract resulted in compliance with legislation, monitoring their implementation and was able to recover the debt.

As this structure is supposed to use one of the existing utilities of the city, where municipal authorities will provide the appropriate authority and is able to engage the serious legal structure.

According to the chairman of the Interim Control Commission, an analysis of the situation on the land lease contract is continuing, including in conjunction with the tax authorities are working on major contributors.
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