In Dnipropetrovsk, simplified procedure of registration of land lease to accommodate MAFov

03.02.2011 20:32
Articles about real estate | In Dnipropetrovsk, simplified procedure of registration of land lease to accommodate MAFov In Dnipropetrovsk, entrepreneurs can draw up the documents for the rental of land for Mafa in just 3 months. This was announced today during a press conference, the deputy mayor Irina Zaitseva, reported the press service of the City Council.

According to her, this is the limit, providing a temporary order placing small architectural forms for business, the deputies adopted on 8 session. "We went to a meeting employers and their request to shorten the time required to obtain documents and are now waiting for them to enter into lease agreements. Statements, please contact the Department of Corporate Rights and Legal Dnipropetrovsk city council or district council, which employs an entrepreneur ", - said the deputy mayor. She also stressed that the problem of urban authorities to ensure that the work of entrepreneurs in the legal field, but because of the land must pay. "There are no sanctions against employers who have worked without a contract does not stipulate, however, they must soon enter into a lease agreement of land", - said Irina Zaitseva.

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Temporary order of placing small architectural forms for business activities entail the signing of servitude agreement on land lease for a term of 3 to 5 years. In cases where the land is located in an area that will be reconstructed, the contract is for 1 year. "Conclusion of servitude agreement allows an entrepreneur to use the land for business activities and pay for her rent, but can not get into private ownership, that is communal land remains the property of a territorial community of the city", - said Irina Zaitseva. Under the new order of the tenants must pay an annual minimum payment for the land at a rate of 3% of its appraised value, so the city budget each year will receive from 4 to 6, 5 mln.
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