In Dnipropetrovsk, prevented the illegal distribution of land

10.07.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | In Dnipropetrovsk, prevented the illegal distribution of land Dnipropetrovsk Oblast prosecutor's office will prevent the illegal distribution of 150 hectares of land in the regional center, resulting in the city budget could did not get about 140 million grn.Helvetica, informs "Interfax-Ukraine", referring to statements by the Head of the rights and freedoms of citizens and interests State prosecutor of Dnipropetrovsk region Romana nipple at a press conference on Thursday.
According to him, illegal waste of land involved in the Commercial Court judges and city council of Dnipropetrovsk.

R. Teats said that in April 2008 Commercial Court decisions in 1911 ordered the city council illegally allocated 150 hectares of land to several companies.

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According to him, the area of ??land that should have been allocated to commercial firms to lease for 15 years, ranged from 0.56 hectares to 75 hectares. Among them - the areas where recreational areas are located on the waterfront of Victory, as well as the island on the Dnieper River and the area in which there are historical and archaeological sites, protected by the state.

According to R. nipple, the prosecution filed a protest at the decision of courts.

He also noted the unsatisfactory work of the Chief of the Legal Department of the city council Sergei Karpenko, management has not filed a timely appeal claims of unlawful decisions of the Commercial Court.

Now prosecutors are investigating this item and R. Teats not exclude that after an internal investigation will be prosecuted under Art. 97 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Now the prosecutor's office failed to suspend court decisions, and she does everything to ensure that the Commercial Court overturned an unlawful decision, "said R. nipples. He added that the decision is unlawful for the following reasons: no auctions were held, was not the conclusion of the supervisory bodies, there was no coordination with land management and there are no projects on construction of data plots.
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