In Dnipropetrovsk, offer affordable housing to special conditions

11.01.2011 13:29
Articles about real estate | In Dnipropetrovsk, offer affordable housing to special conditions In Dnepropetrovsk plan to build affordable housing, but it will be offered on special terms.

As the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk Ivan Kulichenko at a press conference in the city will build affordable housing, but its acquisition will have to comply with special conditions.

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For affordable housing proposed to build 4-storey houses made of split panel with the possibility of completion of the 5 th floor as a penthouse. Website "The city has already reported earlier that the first ground for such a development was proposed, and area of about 8 hectares, between the lake and residential Kuryachim array Levoberezhniy-3, wrote in the city.

- We are ready as quickly as possible to help developers go through licensing procedures, said the mayor. - But now the main question throughout this project. Housing will be sold at really affordable prices.

But in terms of the contract is written that if a man will put his apartment up for sale, he would have to compensate the city means the city has invested in the construction of the apartment.

Thus, we insure themselves against such a phenomenon, when the flats will be bought at an affordable price, and then immediately resold by the free market. That is, protecting from speculation affordable housing, - said Ivan Kulichenko.
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