In Crimea the deplorable situation of the land inventory

26.01.2011 11:16
Articles about real estate | In Crimea the deplorable situation of the land inventory In Crimea, there was deplorable situation in terms of land inventory in the boundaries of settlements, both inside and outside, said the head of the Crimea Reskomzema Alexander Chabanov to retreat on a standard monetary evaluation of land.

About this site "Krym.Kommentarii" reported at the headquarters of the information policy of the Council of Ministers of the ARC.

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According to Chabanova of 28.29 hectares of land in the Yalta region of the solid inventory conducted on an area 23.7 thousand hectares including 22.1 hectares outside (it was done back in 2004 at the expense of state budget) and only 1.6 hectares (26,4%) - within the boundaries of settlements.

"Thus, the Big Yalta inventoried 12 of the 32 settlements," it is not enough for this region. " To inventory the remaining 20 in the local budgets should provide 4 million USD, "said the shepherd.

He also pointed out that currently undertaken aerial territory of Crimea and produced orthophotos 1:10000 throughout autonomy, 1:5000 - the area of rural settlements and complete manufacturing scale 1:2000 orthophoto area cities and towns.

"In terms of their transfer value of the work on the land inventory will be reduced significantly," - said the head of Reskomzema.
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