In Crimea significantly underestimated the amount of land tax

22.06.2010 19:18
<em>In the 52 settlements of Crimea continue to use the regulatory and monetary value of land expired, understating the tax rate on land, in some cases 5-6 times.<br />Told the chairman of the Republican Committee of Crimea on land resources, Alexander Chabanov at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Simferopol.</em><br /><br />According to him, the violation is a consequence of the absence in the Republic of normative monetary valuation of land settlements. "Crimea is one of the last places among the regions of Ukraine for regulatory monetary valuation of land. Due to lack of funding from the state budget, the monetary valuation carried out only in 21% of settlements autonomy "- he said.<br /><br />Among the most problematic regions in this regard, Alexander Chabanov called Krasnogvardejskij, Soviet, Saki, Black Sea, Belogorskiy areas. "The amount of land tax in Simferopol and Belogorske.zanizhen 5-6 times the average land tax rates set by legislation", - stated the head of Reskomzema ARC.<br /><br />Chapter Reskomzema Crimea also complained that in the absence of monetary valuation of land local authorities are reviewing the land tax on individual plots. "Today allege monetary value on specific individual parcels of land chl considered a violation of norms of current legislation", - he complained.<br /><br />Chabanov offered to local authorities up to six months in 2010 to provide funds for regulatory monetary valuation of land, as well as recommend them to use funds from selhozpoter and lesopoter.<br /><br />"Given the fact that the number of these funds to special accounts of local government is 24 million USD, and they can be used only until January 1, 2011, I believe that a mandatory order, these funds should be used in that direction," - believes the head of the relevant committees.<br /><br />He added that to date in the coastal cities the average cost of land ranges from 200 to 1000 USD per square meter, in the settlements located in the central part of Crimea - UAH 260-400 per square meter.<br /><strong></strong><br />
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