In Crimea, intend to build residential villas and 150 the complex

26.08.2010 12:40
Articles about real estate | In Crimea, intend to build residential villas and 150 the complex In the immediate vicinity of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, began construction of a residential complex, as well as to provide land for the construction of 150 villas.

Told researcher of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Andrew Bruns, referring to the open letter, which officials of Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, sent to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with a request to initiate the development and adoption of a law that would protect the rights of observatories.

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According to him, construction of a residential complex on the territory of the observatory is a company Console LTD. "At present, preparatory to the construction work - said Bruns. -" We are slowing building up to the fact that people go and become a bulldozer. Now the builders cut a lot of wood, all cut down, bulldozed earth thrown from one place to another, have prepared a platform for the big, big building.

In addition, according to Bruns, officials Prokhladnensky village council identified in the immediate vicinity of the observatory land for the construction of about 150 villas, with violating the boundaries of 3-kilometer protection zone of the observatory.

According to Bruns, the appearance of residential properties in the village of Science and cool considerably complicate the work of the observatory, as an additional source of light in the evening. "Due to the fact that we once built houses for employees of the observatory is actually two-fold increase in sky brightness from the outside illumination, and a number of faint celestial phenomena we can not observe because they are lost, - explains astronomer . - If they give everything to build their 150, and each host will hang in front of the house light bulb, it would finally kill the observatory, and another such facility in the Crimea there.

In turn, Director of the observatory Alla Rostopchina-Shakhovskaya said that he knew nothing about the letter to the head of state, and explained that the residential complex in the village of Science is built for staff of the observatory. According to her, this construction began on their own initiative. "This construction was initiated in his time as staff time, because there is not enough housing for employees of the observatory building was begun in Soviet times, then were frozen. Definitely need to build," - concluded Rostopchina-Shakhovskaya. According to her, the staff would get 15% of the residential complex of apartments, and the rest ordered Console.

The Director also assured that the apartment complex will have a minimal impact on the work of the observatory. "Those telescopes, which are closest to this building, it's solar telescopes, which work in the daytime, so that the illumination in the next telescope will be minimal," - explained Rostopchina-Shahovskaya.

In addition, she said, in a contract with the building campaign "spelled setting caps on certain lights, the installation on the other side, which goes to the observatory, additional svetoohrannyh boards over the windows."

As previously reported, the Prosecutor of Crimea abrogated 10 orders of the Kirov regional state administration on the allocation of the citizens of 44 plots of land in the area of Mount Klementjeva, near the center of gliding Koktebel.
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