In China, there were two-meter apartment capsules

24.08.2010 08:56
As part of addressing the housing problem, the pressing in China, Beijing authorities have begun to build mikroapartamenty area of two square meters.
The target audience of the "Chinese miracle" should be a poor citizens, for example, students who had just graduated and looking for work.

According to a tiny flat-capsule consists of a bed and table, it lacks windows. Cost of rent of such housing ranges from 250 to 450 yuan per month (? 25-45).

"The idea of creating such a tiny apartment belongs to the 78-year old retired engineer named Huang Riksin, who learned of the existence of capsule hotels in Japan, decided to bring this idea to China" - the report says.

As noted in the material, the practice of exploiting the small size of housing came to China from Japan, where a large deficit of residential areas has provoked a lot of hotels, hives, where the area of normal rates of several meters. Typically, each room is equipped with air conditioning, TV and telephone. It is a number from 20 to 30 euros per night.

"But, unlike the Chinese, Japanese mikroapartamenty used as a second, as opposed to permanent housing: Many business people are working in big cities, they live hundreds of miles away from the city, so there is a matter of course to stay in such hotels," - says message.

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