In China, going to completely get rid of slums by 2012

26.08.2010 07:39
<br />The city of Harbin in northeast China up to 2012 should be fully cleared of slums through a program of resettlement of people in a comfortable new home, which is estimated at $ 1.3 billion<br /><br />Slums have appeared in Harbin in the 50's of last century, and so far they lived tens of thousands of citizens. Typical Harbin slum - a dilapidated building without water, with stove, a bourgeois and indoor plumbing. One toilet in these areas have an average of 2-4 thousand, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "China Daily".<br /><br />According to the newspaper, today in Harbin, more than 11.34 million square meters. m-dwellers, which is three times the size of the famous Central Park in New York. However, many of these neighborhoods are located in the central areas of the city.<br /><br />According to the plans of the city administration, which the publication said the head of urban construction department Ji Veygo in 2010 in the city should be eliminated 3.07 million square meters of dilapidated housing. Since 2000, when the program started in Harbin, demolition, and until 2009 in the city was destroyed 11 million square meters of slum dwellers.<br /><br />According to the report, in order to move people into new comfortable home, built in Harbin, 5.49 million square meters of housing. At the project from the budget allocated 9 billion yuan (1.32 billion dollars).<br /><br />"Housing will be provided to current residents of the barracks at the rate of 40-70 square meters per family. Each additional meter of living space they have to buy from the state and costs 890 yuan ($ 131) per square meter. It is much cheaper than the market value of housing, even economy class in Harbin (more than 4,5 thousand yuan or 634 U.S. dollars per square meter), - the newspaper writes.<br /><br />According to RIA Novosti, the people of Harbin, according to official statistics, more than 9.9 million people.<br /><br />Recall that in the fight against the housing problem, the pressing in China, Beijing authorities have begun to build mikroapartamenty area of two square meters. <br /><a href=""></a><br />
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