In Chernivtsi will land auction

09.09.2010 03:05
Articles about real estate | In Chernivtsi will land auction September 29 in Chernivtsi will land auction, which exhibited 18 lots. Five vacant lots with a total area of about 65 hectare commercial and industrial construction are offered in the property, and the remaining 13 - to lease for a period of 5 to 49 years.

Among the areas to be privatized, there are two new items. According to the Head of Department for SE Chernivtsi Geo "(engaged in the bidding), Alexander Matsetskogo first time buyers are offered plots in the industrial area on the street factory, 37 and 41, where local authorities want to see manufacturing plants or warehouses. Starting price of 10 hectare is 186.2 ths. (Amount of guarantee fee - 56 ths.), And 22.4 weave - 420 thous. (Contribution - 66 ths.). Owners of the first two would not only pay for the purchase, but also compensate the losses of agricultural production of $ 18.6 thousand and 18 thousand UAH. respectively. The remaining three sites are designated for construction of commercial buildings and put up again: 10 ares of almost 117 thousand UAH. the street Parkhomenko, 80, the same area put in Smotrytsky travel, 28 (112.7 thous.), and 13 hectare outdoor Starozhenetskoy, 176-a (224 ths.).

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In the list of lots offered for lease, will have five fresh plots. All of them are small and are set aside for the construction of individual housing. Five years shall be approximately six hundred square meters in the Third Mukachevo lane for one-time fee to be paid to the treasury at least 44 thousand UAH. Five hundred square meters on the streets of the Kursk, a 10-well, in the district Rocha (49 ths.) And 10 ares the street Dzherelna, 79 (71 ths.). In the long-term lease for 49 years can take 10 hectare outdoor Stavropol, 32-b, in the streets of Vinnytsia with a starting price of trades 106 thousand UAH. and seven hundred square meters in the Kuril Lane, 25, in the district Rocha (71 ths.). Auction organizers believe that it is small sites under private ownership are the most promising lots.

Local authorities have decided to try again loaned two allotments, which have been exhibited on the auctions, but have not found a new owner. It is a five hectare under commercial building on the street Marmorozhskoy, 16-a, and almost 13 hectare private estate for the erection of the street Rivne, 22. The first shall be 10 years for 64.4 thous. And the second - five of 119.5 thous. Under individual building for 49 years and eight exhibited ares outside Putyla, 20-in (74 ths.).

Representatives of small businesses might be interested in very small "patches" of land in Jaunty locations for installation of small architectural forms. To transfer a lease for 5 years and 10 years produced a weaving at a bus stop in front of the house № 79 on the street Ya Stepovoy over 7.8 ths. and three squares in Grushovetskom alley near the house number 16, for 2,5 ths. MAFy which are supposed to place there must be consistent with the department of urban complex and land relations of the local municipality. Another three had previously exhibited site for commercial construction: 30 hectare outdoor Khotyn, 39 g (10 years, 376 ths.), 24 hundred square meters on the street Sinelnikova, 10-well (10 years, 284 ths.) , and 1,1 ha Kolomyia, 15-a (five years, 1.1 million USD).. Applications from potential participants are accepted until September 23.
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