In Chernigov - pre-crisis prices for new apartments

21.08.2010 12:46
Articles about real estate | In Chernigov - pre-crisis prices for new apartments Shelter in New Chernigov - probably the only commodity whose cost has soared since 2008, said Deputy Mayor Oleksandr Serdyuk.
He announced August 2 during a press conference on the theme "Building housing for Chernihiv: real state and prospects", which has Media Center "My Town.

Information on the status of the construction industry also provided the Director of SOE Chernihivbudinvest Vitaliy Sobychenko and managers of construction companies - CEO "Domobudivnyk Anatoly Horny and CEO by DSC" UkrSiverBud "Victor S?ndor.

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Builders forced to hold "dokryzovi" price to sell what they erect. It currently offer still exceeds demand and not all apartments in buildings that are at once masters.

This situation can be partly explained by the purchasing power of residents of Chernigov has deteriorated significantly. And while banks will resume lending to individuals is unlikely to develop the construction industry as much as, for example, in 2007. "When there is no buyer, there is no sense to build", - said Oleksandr Serdyuk general opinion.

Today, the cost per square meter in a new house in Chernigov, according to CEO "Domobudivnyk Anatoly Horny, starts from 3200 USD. The company by DSC "UkrSiverBud" a little more expensive apartments, the cost per square meter starting from 3800 USD. However, the average cost per square meter is USD 3800-4200.

The press conference also noted that no financial crisis or other factors did not affect the quality of housing, which is now put into operation. They assured reporters that the general quality apartments in new buildings, even better, because the requirements for heat, energy, wood products, finishes, etc. has increased. Buildings must now uteplyuyutsya - whether outside or inside.

Buyers can choose from 1-5 bedroom apartments of various of design. According to the requirements of time in each apartment has gas, water, heat, electricity. Some homes also are equipped with comfortable lifts, video intercom, the apartments are laid network radio, telephone, cable television, Internet.

Man pays a significant cost for an apartment, because the right to demand quality and comfort - certain builders.
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