In Belarus, would dramatically increase the cadastral value of land in rural areas

17.11.2010 12:52
State Enterprise "National Cadastral Agency has completed the revaluation of the cadastral value of land in rural areas of Belarus and its results are sent to local councils for approval, informed agency" Interfax-West "in the enterprise.<br /><br />Revaluation conducted in all areas of Belarus, except Slutsky Molodechno and Gomel, where the cadastral value has been enhanced earlier. Reassessment was not conducted in the Minsk region, where it is held next year.<br /><br />"In many rural areas the cadastral value of land rise sharply, somewhere in the 2-3, where a rise in incomes of up to 25 times or more," - said a spokesman for the agency.<br /><br />It is expected that the local Council approved a new cadastral value of land in 2-3 weeks.<br /><br />According to him, in areas where the revaluation was carried out earlier, an increase of land value in some cases reached 200 times: "There are instances when the cost to the revaluation of land amounted to 1 cent per 1 square meter, after - $ 2 per 1 square meter."<br /><br />The interviewee also stressed that the revaluation of the cadastral value of land in rural areas are not held in Belarus since 2004, although under the laws of reassessment should take place every 5 years.<br /><br />The agency could not estimate the average increase land value of land in the village after the revaluation, referring to the differentiation of high-cost change.<br /><br />Meanwhile, a representative of the agency confirmed that depending on the cadastral value of land in Belarus is set the size of her rent, land tax and the cost of the privatization of land as private property of citizens.<br /><br />Cadastral value of land is the estimated monetary amount reflecting the value (utility) of land for use on an existing purpose. Cadastral value of land as close to market value on the valuation date if there is sufficient market information. Technology of the inventory estimate is regulated by the state standard STB 52.2.01-2007 "Valuation of Objects of Civil Rights. Valuation of land plots and instructions on how to land evaluation of various categories of land.<br /><em>Interfax-West</em><br />
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