In Austria, will be the world's most environmentally friendly skyscraper

08.11.2010 04:20
Selected for the construction of Dornbirn. Basis for design is taken from a metal-lined wooden beams that will support the reinforced concrete panels. It has the earthquake resistance and fire protection. The structure will be assembled from modules, allowing operation as compared with normal will be accelerated in the half.<br /><br />As a source of electricity made by solar panels and photovoltaic panels and other environmentally friendly technologies. Also here to establish a special system to automatically adjust the room temperature comfortable. The process of drafting LifeCycle Tower company operates CREE. According to experts, the building can be used for placing the offices and shops, as well as for housing. According to research firm Cushman & Wakefield, 90% of European companies are attracted favorable environmental characteristics of the building. They influence the decision to purchase or lease of any area. Choosing "green" building, an organization based on the following issues: reducing the cost of elektrosnobzhenie and water consumption, building maintenance, reducing harmful emissions, the use of renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources.<br /><br /><br />
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