In a world trend towards the nationalization of land

08.05.2011 16:38
Articles about real estate | In a world trend towards the nationalization of land The young generation of Ukraine will go around the world, as Geri Nikolai. To date, the world trend towards the nationalization of land. This opinion today during a press conference expressed MP from the Communist Party Sergei Gordienko.

According to him, the world's increasing public ownership of land.

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"In the U.S., for example, 44% of the land belongs to the state. And we are them attain to the level ... In Europe the same thing. In France and Germany - over 60%. In Finland - 78%," - said the deputy.

He added that with "shadow" market for land must be addressed by eliminating, in the first corruption in state agencies, as of today re-register the land without a public or local authorities can not, and those who do need to prosecute.

"Why the state does not determine what will be the same value of the land? European land that the quality is worse, cost more. Be sure the owners will be outside of Ukraine. The younger generation will be left without land. The Ukrainian villager to date, no funds. All that He has - his hands. and uncontrolled sale of land in the villager turns Mikola Jerome ", - said Gordienko.
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