In 2013, Ukraine would split into two parts

26.10.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | In 2013, Ukraine would split into two parts Member of the Union astrologers Olena Maksimova gave a number of unique predictions about the future of Ukraine, she advises to prepare for the 2011 - year of tests. The most radical changes are waiting for our country in three years.

1910 predictions astrology:
1. End of the world will not be many hundreds of years. First, the Earth must experience a new phase in its history - climate change, flora and fauna. Born people who can quickly adapt to new conditions. Weak will die.

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2. Ukrainians should be ready by 2011. This year the big test. The crisis begins when will the new tax law and the law of the land. They become sort of a bone of contention in the government. Begins a very tough information warfare, intensified dictatorship. Hryvnia undergo sharp inflation. Strengthen the difficult situation incredibly hot and dry summer, because of which will not yield. We should expect a strong earthquake. In addition, next year we will have six lunar eclipses at a rate of three or four. People will become more aggressive and will seek to change things radically.

3. 2012 will be a logical extension 2011.

4. State of Ukraine within its present borders will last 22 years and eight months. 2013th it would split into two parts. Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv region Crimea and Black Sea have all chances to become part of Russia, though will remain autonomous. Probably, this area will have a different name. Ukraine will remain the other regions. The state will have a new president - a man who now does not take key positions in politics.

5. In the 2020-meter era ends of the earth, which lasts from 1842. This is the era of materiality, practicality. People were divided land, property, developed capitalism, have created paper money. Redistribution of territories. Created by the state on a national basis. Americans have become the most influential Chinese - by the prolific. After 2020 the first Jupiter and Saturn are reunited once in 20 years in the signs of the elements of Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini). Will begin the era of air. Everything will evolve differently. During the four years before the dollar will disappear, and most national currencies. Will be a new equivalent of money by which the goods will be exchanged.

6. Information will be transmitted not through a wire or metal structures, and through the fields. Science more interested in human ekstrasposobnostyami. Boundaries disappear, because they will not be necessary. People learn new ways of movement.

7. Horoscope of a new era will be softer for Ukraine than the current one.

8. From natural disasters Ukrainians no point in hiding. We will not be the worst situation, although there are problems with pollution of the Black Sea. Our climate will increasingly resemble tropical. But we adapt to it.

9. 2,076 th to be the most ambitious in the history of mankind war.

10. Power crisis in Ukraine will end no earlier than 2020.
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