In 2013 the British visitors will check for TB

04.06.2012 01:30
Information about the absence of disease require that if an applicant for a UK visa in the UK is going to spend more than six months. Undergo medical examination will not only Russians, but also citizens of other states.

As the Euromag with reference to the UK Border Agency (UK Border Agency), "Program testing for tuberculosis nationals wishing to come to the UK, will cover 67 states within the next 18 months ...". The new rule will not affect tourists or businessmen, if the period of their alleged residence in the United Kingdom does not exceed six months. All applicants for UK visas, which will have time to apply before the end of 2012, will be exempt from the need to provide a certificate of non-tuberculosis.

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It should be noted that to obtain visa for our compatriots are still harder than any other. In addition to paying the visa fee is quite high, you need the personal presence of the applicant at the consulate. Chance of a refusal to grant a visa - almost 4%, so for fear of paying the visa fee and remain "high and dry" many Russians prefer the other countries of the Old World. In addition, the Schengen visas issued by consulates of the countries of continental Europe, costing just € 35, while the price of a six-month UK visas currently stands at $ 129, annual - $ 446.

Attempts to negotiate with the British on the introduction of visa-free regime or commutation rule filing so far had no success. The only concession which started in London, was svzana with the approach of the Olympics. In 2011 our people were about 177 thousand British visas, 20% more than in 2011.

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