"In 2012, the end of the world will not"

03.01.2011 09:40
Participants of the "Battle of psychics" on the channel the STB gave the forecast for Ukraine and the world "Komsomоlskoy truth."

"We will soon start waking VOLCANOES"

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What for you was the most difficult in a foreign country? Did you enjoy the Ukraine? Was not it difficult for you to work away from home? Maybe your extrasensory abilities a bit dim?

Jennifer: It was very difficult initially, primarily due to ignorance of the language. But we have very good translators. People helped us, it's pleasant entertainment.

Khayal: I want to say that Ukraine is the same country, same people, as in Azerbaijan. People - good-natured and hospitable.

Can you give a forecast of what future is waiting for Ukraine? What will be next year for the whole world? What important - global and not so - will happen in the near future?

H.: All interested in what happens in the future. If a man will think of something good, and tomorrow, and next year will be all right. In Ukraine - all that you see, it is impossible to tell. I see that in the management structure will change.

AD: I generally try not to make predictions for the country. Do not see any disasters in your Ukraine. But I see that next year will be great differences in temperature across the planet. This is due to the fact that the Earth is trying to cleanse itself. As for 2012, I believe that there will be some changes. See also, that will wake up more volcanoes, which for years were not active, will be more earthquakes. But do not tell you that after 2012 ended his life.

GH: I do not agree with this idea.

AD: Everybody has an opinion.

Should I panic about the fact that 2012 - the last in the history of mankind?

AD: I do not feel that people should panic. People in Ukraine are more willing to various disasters, because they are very close to Earth, many people live in villages. More problems will be in countries such as America. They do not know how to grow food, how to get somewhere without a car. After 2012, people learn to live a simple life.

H.: Ever since Nostradamus all say that soon the end of the world. The Koran also says that he will, but when it is not written. Except Allah, nobody knows. Even if a person has the ability, he can not say that the 2012 end of the world. But the Prophet loves his creation, so I think that this will not happen.

Did you have ever thought that your ability is not a gift and a curse? It was not always want to know beforehand what is waiting for you or your loved ones?

AD: Yes, sometimes one feels that it is not very good, but I do not like the word "curse". In most cases this is God's gift, it all depends on how you use it. I helped my grandmother, using psychic abilities. Riding in the car heard a voice in my head: "Call Grandma". It turned out she had fallen at this point, and I was in another state.

GH: Thank you for your question. If you say it's a curse - no. If I help someone, then it is a gift and I thank God for it.

You can change the destiny of man? Help him or hurt? And can a man learn his future, he changed the fate?

DA: No, I do not believe that I can change someone's future. I can see what will happen to them if they would be on their way, as it is abuse of authority - to try to change your future. I'm sure that people can change their future, everyone has an opportunity to make their life the way they want. And it depends on the thoughts in his head and actions in life. If people are constantly worried or afraid, then they give it to the environment and also get back. If a man will think that he cursed, and believe in it, it will attract into your life. This is a matter of time. If they think positively, act, nothing wrong with them is not going to happen. You can avoid the negative in life. Around you can be negative energy, but you can always find people who will help you. I can partially do this work with negative energy and helps get rid of it.

H.: The psychic - a person who knows what can not anyone else. If this is a clairvoyant, he must help the needy. If Allah has given such power, you need to use them correctly, you need only help to people has become easier in the shower. Do not use them in bad situations. I believe that the psychic can not change destiny.

Please tell me how to find myself in this world? To work and live with the thought in your head that you do everything correctly and to not to waste a wish. Most do not want to live a humble life of a mercenary element of the system, turn a blind eye to lies, deceit, stupidity, pain and injustice.

AD: The best advice is - do what you love, that makes your heart beat. When you go on this path, the world opens before you. World - Space is God, then what you believe, regardless of religion. It will live a good life. And helping people is important.

H.: Every man is born, has its mission in this world. One is born to become a teacher, the other to become a doctor and so on. He is probably depressed, and he can not find its place. If you want to understand yourself, do good, working and live for people.

Hello, Khayal, you can find out how you combine their work in the Koran and Orthodox icons?

H.: Both helped me, and in both I believe. I am a believer. I would recommend reading the Koran. I'm getting from them just good energy.

"Does supernormal CAN Meditation
Tell me please, what is your hobby, whom you would like to become a child?

GH: My hobby is to drive. As a child, his thoughts were different, but over time I began to understand that you can be anyone you want. But most importantly, we must be able to be a good person.

DA: My hobby - painting in oils and watercolors, love working with animals. I am 20 years worked biologist. When I was little, watching all the shows related to nature. I wanted to be veterinarian, but did not. I like it so far, all that is associated with animals and nature. Khayal calls me Picasso, he saw my drawings (laughs).

H.: Very nice drawing, and I really like

Show you how to develop your skills to help people?

AD: We all have abilities we were born with it. Some people discover it from childhood, some develop it later. The best way - to make your spiritual life is more important through prayer, going to church, meditating. This helps to open up our opportunities and develop them.

H.: Intuition is for each person. There intuition between mother and child - is the most powerful intuition. Each person has their own abilities. Develop them in and out I can not. Allah gives them and the person may use them. Yes, you can learn to finish a religious school, high school, but ...

Jennifer and Khayal, tell us a little about their families.

AD: I have three children who have grown up. My youngest son, a professional player in college football. Daughter lives in New York, works in the fashion industry as a stylist. And my oldest son a professional poker player, a successful one. I am proud of my kids. I have a boyfriend, who has 6 children. We have a big house and a big family.

H.: Every person has a family, I have too. There's nothing unusual. I have a brother and sister. My parents are teachers of nothing else to say. But at the expense of family, I want to say that the father's side, I kind of Muhammed. All believers recite the Qur'an.

Olga Litskevich

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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