In 2011, the new building to rise by 10-15%

22.10.2010 00:05
Articles about real estate | In 2011, the new building to rise by 10-15% In 2011, the new building to rise by 10-15%. This is because the proposal would be little, but demand is still here, he has slowed down due to the crisis, but not for long. This was stated by the correspondent LigaBusinessInform president HA "Hertz" Alexander Rostov.

According to him, if his plans were to build 7 houses. Now it will build two, but those who make the most of the market. "Now it sells well and two bedroom apartments. One-bedroom apartments better understanding only cost, low-cost projects," - said Rotov.

The expert is sure: the demand for housing is still here, on the contrary, the amount of pent-up demand growing, which means - will grow and prices. "The money from the population is, you see, how many lies on deposits? The solvency of our population, I have no doubt," - said Rotov.

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