In 2011, the expected deficit of prefabricated houses in cottage settlements

05.01.2011 00:10
Articles about real estate | In 2011, the expected deficit of prefabricated houses in cottage settlements Summing up 2010, analysts Invest 1911 noted several positive trends in the suburban real estate market. In the spring of this year was recorded recovery in consumer demand. Intensified the market, new projects with a contract to build, back foreign investors. In the market there was a positive price trends. Thus, the suburban market has stabilized and recovered after the crisis. But active development is still hampered by a number of constraints: the complexity of the financing of most development projects, lack of liquidity, economic instability and political developments. As well as lack of liquidity on the market.

"The above factors are prerequisites for a sharp deterioration in the liquidity of projects on the market - says Samir Jafarov, commercial director of 1911 Invest (investor settlement of" Baden Hills "). - At the same time, growth in consumer interest and liquidity housing promotes active washout quality supply from the market, resulting in a supply shortage. "

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The most popular on the market are ready to homeownership in cottage settlements, distance to 30 km from Moscow in value between $ 1 million to 3 million. The main buyers are showing interest to Novorizhskoe, Rublevo-Uspensky, Kaluga and Kiev areas.

According to experts, the total volume sold ready-made objects, or at the final stage of construction was about 40%, which eventually led to a shortage of finished projects.

"Formed shortage of quality supply will dominate in 2011 - said S. Jafarov - but the situation will gradually level off due to the emergence of new projects, business and premium class, as well as projects that have already implemented their own expense developers. These projects are in the market, still, the unit ".
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