In 2011, the banks will issue mortgage loans at 10% per annum

03.11.2010 14:49
Articles about real estate | In 2011, the banks will issue mortgage loans at 10% per annum This is related by the Deputy Chairman of JSC Erste Bank Svetlana Scribbles during an online conference on the portal LІ

"In the next year due to commissioning of floating interest rates will come a product like a mortgage for 30 years" - she said. - And expectations that rates will go down, absolutely justified. "

Scribbles said that in financing in 2011 will differ by the fact that banks will lend to customers, the financial position which is clear and understandable financial institution. "This is the current account, receiving a salary expense, holding constant speed through a legal entity by the bank. These customers of the bank first to feel significant relief of credit market in our country," - she said.

"Banks will be sufficiently accurate to treat occasional customers, the proposal for them to be significantly higher in price and risk requirements," - said the expert.

Scribbles finds it impossible to issue loans to Ukrainian banks in Russian rubles. "Lending in any other currency except the one in which the client receives a fixed income - is absurd" - she said.

According to Scribbles, Ukraine is not far behind with lending to people from other European countries. "The relation between the level of loan portfolio to the gross national product is much higher than, for example, in the Czech Republic. Another thing is that the culture of lending lags far behind Western countries," - said the expert.
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