Improvement of living conditions: the promised 20 years of waiting

13.10.2010 09:35
Articles about real estate | Improvement of living conditions: the promised 20 years of waiting In Russia, a fatal lack of social housing. Based on the Fund's strategy promoting housing construction, to ensure that all Russian waiting, will take 20 years. It is those who have already written to the queue today, and those who will join the ranks soon, even difficult to speak. For the most part it is caused by the housing shortage is the number of restrictions imposed by the law in setting on gosuchet.

Myth 1. Free apartment will give all social categories, which are designed for federal programs. In fact:

girl plachetPo the Housing Code, which entered into force in March 2005, at gosuchet accepted only poor people and those who are homeless or at all, or there are just too small or unsuitable for habitation. That is, only those who are barely making ends meet, are entitled to a free apartment.

This differs from previous existing LCD, which in turn became the general and the poor and veterans, and victims of disasters, and those who relied apartment for long service.

In fact, now turn divided into those who can not pay at all, and those who may be at least partially: There are federal and regional programs providing housing (subsidies) to certain categories of citizens, but not for free, and on concessional terms - young families, Housing certificates of the military, victims of the Chernobyl accident and settlers from the Far North, veterans and others. And again, not everyone who applies to these categories, but only recognized need to improve their housing conditions.

For example, to participate in the program "a young family - affordable housing" is the well-known condition: at least one family member must be younger than 35 years. But if you read the text of the program, it appears that this condition is necessary but not sufficient. "The most important of the conditions specified the program - the recognition of the family in need of better housing conditions," - says a leading lawyer JC "tax collector" Andrew Temples.

Under the rules, those are young families, put on record as in need of better housing conditions until March 1, 2005, as well as young families are recognized on March 1, 2005 in need of shelter provision for the social contract of employment (article 51 of LC RF) . Reasons for providing housing for social rent contract as follows: lack of housing owned or under contract social rent, accommodation in the area, which in terms of per person is less than the discount rate (the rate is determined by the regions, for example, in Moscow discount rate is 10 sq. . m per person), accommodation in a room that does not comply to the accommodation, accommodation of several families in one apartment, where there are patients with severe chronic disease, which can not be in the same dwelling.

In this program, "a young family - affordable housing" also takes into account the presence of family income or other sufficient funds to pay for the cost of housing in excess of social benefits.

pereezzhaetKstati family, at last count the capital of the Department of Housing Policy, in Moscow alone those who live on an area of less than 10 square meters. m per person, received more than 15,000. And just to resettle them, need more than one decade. To speed up the turn, Moscow offers to move into the region: for example, for a program for young families and the social mortgage is an apartment in Chekhov and Solnechnogorsk.

Myth 2. When setting the queue for free housing is taken into account only income. In fact:

"In accordance with the Housing Code to queue for the provision of flats can citizens who have been found poor local authorities, taking into account not only income attributable to each member of the family, but the value of property owned by family members and subject to taxation, - says the lawyer of Penny Lane Realty Sergei Amendment.

In addition, housing on the social contract of employment may be granted to citizens not belonging to the category of the poor, but in need of accommodation (see above transcript of Article 51 of LC RF). In addition, each subject of the Federation may impose additional constraints. For example, in Moscow, such conditions are: Russian citizenship, recognition of low-income residents of Moscow, Accommodation in Moscow on a legal basis for a total of not less than 10 years, failing action to deliberate deterioration of living conditions within 5 years. Deliberate worsening of living conditions - is, for example, when you transfer any his own apartment (with an area of clearly more than 10 square meters. M) in place in close communal per turn.

magnifying glass on a sheet with planomPri this often can not give an apartment in a completely paradoxical at first glance, the reasons. To register only at the place of permanent residence. And in Russia the concept of "place of permanent residence" is equated to the concept of "residence". So, in effect, be taken into account the living conditions where you are registered - but it certainly does not always coincide with the place of actual residence.

"People often do not have any housing, rented accommodation from private individuals for years, but legally can not be recognized as needing residential area as the place of registration, all normal. Conversely, I can live in a huge house, but to be spelled out in moms, where seven of the shops, and be admitted to registration as needy, "- says Andrew Temples.

Myth 3. Social housing is provided free of charge. In fact:
Free-something for free, but only one which is given to the social contract of employment. This contract is not subject even to state registration and for him not to pay legal costs. This housing should be provided fully fit for habitation, that is already decorated with. But if you get a subsidy for housing, that is your option - state assistance in obtaining housing on preferential terms, then you have to pay for the registration of the sale contract, and for finding an apartment, and bear other related expenses incurred by the usual home buyers.

Myth 4 (main). If I got to turn it ever was, but give me an apartment. In fact:

If the lost ground, on which you embarked on gosuchet, you will be removed from it. In other words, all these projected 20 years, you have to stay poor, not to change citizenship and move out (even if not written) with its ten square meters.
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