Illegally built villas will be legal

25.07.2011 15:01
Articles about real estate | Illegally built villas will be legal Today, July 25, entered into force on the order of admission to the operation of individual houses, gardens, country houses, commercial buildings and structures and additions to them. The corresponding order was signed Minregionstroya June 24, 2011.

The order sets out the procedure and conditions for operation in homes, gardens and country houses, built without a permit until 31.12.2009 for the construction work, the application for admission to the operation of which is filed before 31.12.2012.

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Also, the document sets out a mechanism for technical inspection of their building structures and utilities.

According to established procedure, taking into operation of these facilities is free of the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Building of Ukraine and its territorial bodies. This occurs as a result of technical inspection of building structures and utilities and in the presence of the document certifying the ownership or use of the land on which the object is located.

Acceptance into operation carried out by recording the customer filed a declaration on the readiness of the object to use.

The customer or his authorized representative submits personally or sent by registered mail to the inspection at the location of the object declaration of acceptance into service of the object in the prescribed form, which included:

- Two copies of the completed declaration;
- Report of a technical survey of building designs and engineering services facility with the conclusion that they meet the requirements of reliability and safe operation;
- A certified copy in the prescribed manner:
document, which certifies the ownership or use of the land on which the object is placed;
technical certificate, issued by the Bureau of Technical Inventory.

Inspection and review the documents within the period of thirty days from the date of submission of the decision on registration of the declaration or return.

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