If you decide to buy a house in the village

03.04.2011 10:45
Articles about real estate | If you decide to buy a house in the village If you are in search of his home, then you might want to know how to choose a house and what to look for.

* The site should be an area of not less than 15 acres, but no more than 50 hectare in the first stage. The larger the area, the harder it will initially clear it of old fences and buildings, the old grass and debris. If the site no long lived, he very quickly overgrown with grass up to the waist, and even higher. Mow a grass trimmer even very difficult.
* Choose a high site, because even at a high site might be a swamp in the flood.

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* Best time to siting spring when snow melts. You can estimate how much water fills your site.
* Note the presence of a well. If people did not live long on the site, then the well will likely be out of a stinking pit. But do not worry particularly, it is treated. The main thing is that the well was just at your site, not far from home. Subsequently, this will save your effort.
* Please note that where there is a toilet. It should be no closer than 25 meters from the well. Otherwise, the water in the well may be contaminated, and this is not treated.
* Explore the garden. What kind of trees grow. To take the land with the house without a garden is not worth it.
* If the station is watering ponds, this is a big plus. Less water will be over long distances.
* When viewed from the house you need not feel embarrassed, and going everywhere. The house in which long periods of time people lived, it looks no better. Start with a general inspection of the house.
* Pay attention to the floors. If they are swollen and rotten in places, it means that you have to completely change all the floors in the house.
* And the floors, and the house itself may have a slight tilt. It's not scary. Foundation in an uninhabited house freezes and starts to walk.
* Examine carefully the wall. They are usually covered with different material. Locate the hole in the casing, or do it yourself, so take a look at the log cabin on the inside. The logs should be dry and easy to issue ringing when knocking on them. Try to hold a knife on the log, it should not easily be picked and cut. Otherwise it is trash, and the long house will not serve.
* Inspect the roof and attic. Roof should be smooth, without any holes in the attic should not be a trace of water. Logs in the attic should be dry, with no signs of rot and, preferably, without a trace drevoedov.
* Now we climb into the basement. Grab a flashlight and inspect the lower crowns. They should be dry, not rotting on the ground. In the basement, let the smell of dampness, it is treated with ventilation during the summer.
* Be sure to check how much the water rises in the basement, usually seen on the trail on the logs and debris.
* Pay attention to the joists. They should be dry, with no signs of rot and rotten. Otherwise, it may collapse the floor.
* Examine the stove. As a general rule, if the house is not long lived, then the oven is destroyed, or in very poor condition. Also note - is there any foundation for the stove, or she stands on the floor, fortified by a cellar with vertical logs. They also must be inspected.
* Stove, will likely have to shift, or its status can be fraught with fire.
* Look, if the house is sheathed outside. If trimmed, it is a big plus. These homes are living longer.
* Remove a couple of sheathing boards and look frame. He, again, must be dry and free from rot and rotten.
* Please note, let down if the electricity to the house. If from the post before entering the house are the wires, so the house is not totally disabled, and disabled only one wire input. If in the house for a long time have not lived elektrosbytovye company disables it. First, only input, and then completely cut the wires from the pole to the house. In the first case, connect will cost around 1000 rubles for a single day. In the second - 50-70 thousand rubles + pile papers and approvals, depending on the region.
* Pay attention to the outbuildings. It is preferable that they are in reasonable condition. This will allow you to grow smoothly and steadily.
* Note the presence of a bath. She looks around, just like home. If not, it's not terrible, but rather that it was.
* If the former owners of the remaining stocks of firewood, it's just great. There will be time to maneuver.
* The younger the house, the better. Home who are over 30-40 years is not worth taking. Would be cheaper to build new than to fix the old one. But there are some old houses that are better than new.
* Pay attention to the road. If a flood is "neproezzhaemaya, it is very bad but not fatal.

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