Identified a number of conditions required for the construction of affordable housing

22.07.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Identified a number of conditions required for the construction of affordable housing In the Construction Chamber of Ukraine have identified a number of conditions needed to start implementation in Ukraine of programs to build affordable housing.
Believe in the Construction Chamber of Ukraine in order to earn the program to build affordable housing in Ukraine, you must:

1. Form a special body on the implementation of affordable and social housing - the National Council for the construction of affordable and social housing.

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2. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should introduce the practice and procedure of the monthly government conference calls with the heads of regional state administrations and municipal chairmen of big cities on the implementation of the program of affordable housing, involvement in such meetings of the leading builders of Ukraine.

3. Accelerate the development of legislation on providing citizens with affordable housing. In particular, they provide criteria for determining the categories of citizens who are eligible for affordable housing, the procedure for providing funds to build affordable housing, the criteria of the citizens to those that need affordable housing, the responsibility of different authorities for the construction of affordable housing, compulsory prediction rules redundancy in the territories of the administrative-territorial units of land intended for construction of affordable housing in quantities sufficient to enjoy the needs of all the citizens entitled to state support in the relevant administrative - territorial units.

4. The draft Law of Ukraine "On amending the Law of Ukraine" On State Budget for 2008 "to determine the single cost of 500 mln. To finance the construction of affordable housing in 2008.

5. Write under the leadership of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine Coordinating Center development relevance of intellectual and professional programs on the practical achievement of affordable housing for local conditions. Introduction to construction enterprises engaged in the project to build affordable housing status of national and regional organizations of the operator of affordable housing with the development of appropriate provisions on the status of such operators.

6. Must begin to develop the State Program for 2009 and following years of affordable housing and the introduction in 2009 of the state statistical reporting on progress in building affordable housing.

7. Need to create tax incentives for builders who implement projects to build affordable housing. In particular, it should release the participants in these projects from VAT.

8. Should be introduced a system of refinancing of banks that finance affordable housing.

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