I know 100 ways how to cheat client!

08.10.2010 09:45
I know 100 ways how to cheat client! Autumn - the hottest season of the Ukrainian market rental housing. Flocking from across the country, students and returning from holidays "come in large numbers" begin frantically search for an apartment. As a result, the proposals are reduced and prices rise. Leading specialist of one of Kyiv's real estate agencies, Alexander M., who asked not really say his name ("I still live and work in this business"), agreed to tell the "KP" on how realtors make a fool of their customers.

"Well, there is no superkvartir for 3 pennies!"

Rent an apartment without a realtor in Kiev now difficult. Only an acquaintance. Because 95% of so-called direct ads to rent in newspapers, websites and even on the pillars exhibited by the mediators. And let's not delude ourselves that, under these different rooms - have five phones for realtors is a sign of professionalism.

- A professional realtor knows how to deceive any client, - says Alexander. - But also on our nerves this rabotenka reflected seriously. When to rent an apartment quickly does not work, have had to make snide tricks, but it is fraught. We at the agency have been cases where angry customers are beaten mediators. Once we even had a guy jump from the second floor, not to get under the eyes of an angry landlord. As we say: "If the realtor never otgreb in the face, it's a bad realtor.


How you can take an expensive apartment, and even in the midst of crisis, when its owner refuses to make concessions?

- Reception of the mass - continues Alexander. - For example, I had to pass a one-room apartment in a residential area of Kiev in 3700 hryvnia. This is unlikely, but the landlord stood his ground, throw in no hurry. If you just put up a notice - it is possible three-month wait for a call. Because the only way - to create a buzz around the apartment. Posting a real ad, and with it another six proposals in the same house, but much cheaper. For example, for 1600 hryvnia. People start calling like crazy! They do not understand that kind of money for an apartment with renovated to remove unrealistic. But I do need. Start all hang noodles on the ears, they say, your apartment is about to give up, or the owner does not prozvanivaetsya. But I have a wonderful option for 3,700 hryvnia. And people go to watch!

But it is clean work. Many come harder. For example, invite customers to watch "superkvartiru" for 3 pennies. And when people already standing at the door, call-back to them and reported that all fell through. Well, call to look at the correct address. Almost no one refuses - in vain, perhaps, come from?

Alexander is sure, if you want you can take that anywhere.

- Here I am, for example, can pass any apartment per day, regardless of its price and condition - says realtor. - For example, you can "audition" to arrange. Causes at twenty people at one time and in turn invites the apartment. The main thing is that incoming customers are seen leaving. In this case, we can push them, they say, that people went for the money, now intercepted apartment. But I like you, because if you pay now, rent an apartment for you. And so on in the same spirit ...

"Client of the apartment does not produce!"

Competition among real estate agents have always been real hard. And when the crisis broke out, the situation began to reach the comedic. After all landlords to quickly pass, turn to several agencies at once. And the realtors to make, have deceived not only customers, but also colleagues.

- Expose the Internet announcement of the surrender of the apartment for 4000 hryvnia - says Alexander. - And another agent puts it the same as 3800. Next - already for 3500. As a result, this apartment can be found and for 3200. Then suddenly, customers have reported that the owner just looked at the prices and raised the cost of ...

As it turned out, this is not the only way to compete with their peers. Sometimes, such a struggle realtors are suffering themselves landlords.

- For example, you come to a landlord who has filed a request to several agencies, with fellow realtor and say you brought the client - says Alexander. - He admires the apartment and screams that only about her and dreamed of, say, tomorrow, always lift. Even the pledge gives - 50 hryvnia. The owner immediately gives all-clear to other agencies - have already passed. Are you in this time quietly catching up to the apartment customers. And the next day, when it came time to sign the contract, say - say, a client suddenly changed his mind, got into an accident, has died, but whatever. But no need to get upset, you're dealing with pros, because I immediately found a fallback to you ...


Have realtors and "iron rule". If in the eyes of customers flashed at least a spark of interest, to release it from the apartment can not. Although only a hundred hryvnia pledge and knock him out of need.

- Agent - this is a Gypsy, - says Alexander. - It grinds the language on the machine, mesmerizing, almost in a trance enters. I remember a woman gave 500 hryvnia deposit, then went outside and realized: to live in the apartment she did not want. Calls, explains the situation, a pledge to return the requests. "No, - I answered - you have money, nobody did not pick up a gun to his temple is not kept."

There are even some realtors who make the pledge! That you came to the apartment, all you like, give the broker 100-300 hryvnia deposit, and even more. But in the evening realtor calls you again and offers another option for a more lucrative, and more decent housing. Of course, its hundreds of you immediately forgotten. During the week this way you can earn a couple thousand.

The agency needs a lie detector

- In this business, is not protected by anybody. Customers, too, got hardened, which themselves are able to "throw" a realtor, - says Alexander. - Especially with the advent of the crisis are more often situations where people try to negotiate directly with the owner to avoid paying a commission. Poked note with the phone in furniture, business cards insolently pop master. There are also those who, after signing the contract openly sent a realtor for all known address. And nothing could be done. Pressure on the conscience of useless ...

But agents now and then deceive his office. At least 50% of transactions with the readout of apartments in Kiev the same - it's leftist. That is, the agent helps the client, but his office said that the deal fell through. The commission, which is not less than 1500 hryvnia, go into his pocket. According to Alexander, to fight leftists virtually impossible. After all realtors in their offices, usually not decorated. And if a man fire, he immediately finds a job with competitors from all its experience accumulated base. Staff turnover in agencies colossal.

- In order to somehow protect themselves, the heads of offices are issued to employees working mobile phones whose location can be tracked - continues Alexander. - During the registration of the transaction Head can dial a realtor, ask to talk with tenants, trying to control the situation. And in one large agency, I have heard all the staff goes through a lie detector. Director and asks: "Levachev?"

Without falling!

Agent need only one thing: that the client liked the apartment and he quickly withdrew it. For this purpose, a realtor, there are many seemingly simple but effective techniques.

"Eye View"

Typically, when you view the apartment at night is easier to hide flaws. Electric light conceals flaws. And really understand what the view from the window, and completely impossible.

"Cosy smell"

Everyone knows that the smell of fresh coffee offers people a positive way. Some specially brewed coffee in the empty kitchen to work on clients.

"Contrast shower"

To intimidate a client, his first lead in a completely "dead" flat, has experienced Napoleonic invasion. And then the contrast is already mediocre housing seems these mansions.

"It seems to be off"

People love discounts. One of the tricks - give money, without sacrificing anything. For example, hesitant clients are encouraged to "break a pledge," that is to pay equal monthly cost of renting the amount of collateral rather than immediately behind two payments. It seems to be the sum of payment for an apartment fell, but the money the client has not won anything.

Someone else's pocket

How much does realtor?

- As a rule, our salary jumps around 4-6 thousand hryvnia, - admitted Alexander. - But there are people who are working day and night, have a great experience and ability of the psychologist. They are in the midst of the season at times rise to 20 thousand hryvnia.

But, despite good profit, more than two years as a realtor, few can withstand. Or move to another job, or ruin oneself by drink, because every transaction must be noted.

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