How to steal from prefabricated houses

19.02.2011 13:50
Spiderman, paratroopers, trick makers

Most likely, very savvy burglar drew attention to verholaznoe outfit in 1923, when the Soviet Union had made the first climbing ascent and subdued Avachinsk volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula. However, there is another "truth": they appeared, when the Russian cities began to build apartment buildings of 4-6 floors.

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Offender, which will be referred, in the mountains has never been. But mountaineering equipment and all sorts of prichindaly used by climbers, mastered perfectly. Unlike colleagues in the criminal workshop, burglar Peter M. penetrated into the wrong apartment through the balcony windows and vents. In this case, for it was not so important, what floor is full of money, jewels and precious things object. Petrushka with enviable ease and clean apartment on the third and the fifth, and even on the tenth floor.

Do not frighten him, and the fact that while robbing an apartment, which was located on the 8 th floor, crashed familiar thief named Stunt Man. In the thieves' world, a colleague called reckless, but lucky. But Peter M. never put themselves at risk and did not jump from the balcony on the window sill and the window-sill again to the balcony, which then served only Stunt Man. This time he broke a window on the landing, and the sill doprygnul to the balcony. Even after the accident, investigators only shrugged his shoulders: this dive of a force that does the monkey. Backpack stuffed to the eyeballs, Stunt Man decided to leave someone else's apartment in the same way, but at the time of "transition" from the balcony on the window sill landing fortune has left the poor fellow. He fell, and, flying 7 floors, hit the visor door. When the owners returned home, faced with a lot of police officers, residents, and only later learned that their apartment was the subject of hunting.

This is the police and the newspapers wrote that the identity of the deceased steeplejack not established yet, but Peter M. Stunt Man knew and when they met more than once warned him about the excessive mettle.

Peter did not like too much risk, always acted with caution, although the latter is stealing them was made in the apartment, which was located on 12 floor. Knowing that the hostess the day will not be a partner with Peter on the steep wall of the duct to reach a proper apartment, smashed fender and descended into a spacious kitchen. An experienced thief immediately inquired about the contents of a luxury appliance, and finding it placers edible delicacies, I realized that hit its intended purpose. The reward for overcoming the walls were two mink coats and pocket a gold watch and three and a half thousand dollars.

Of course, retire from the apartment could be, and through the front door, but Peter M. did not take risks: why bother imagination neighbors? With a partner, they again climbed into the duct and in the same way down to the ground.

Peter was caught quite by accident. Employees of traffic police officers suddenly for no reason at all interested in women's jacket is an American production, which lay in the back seat of his car. One of them take yes and showed eagerness to service: by calling the Criminal Investigation Department, described Petrukha and asked is not whether such a run? And he had long been located.

Do climbers are especially in demand prefabricated houses where built wide comfortable air ducts, which seem to work and designed a burglar. Moreover, municipal authorities say that such vents is so roomy that some of the most cunning tenants to increase the kitchen area, stick them in refrigerators, dishwashers and other kitchen equipment use. In this regard, the tale goes that, as a thief before you descend into a manhole, he accidentally dropped a hefty crowbar, crowbar, which he always laid bare lattice. Lom flew a few yards, broke two refrigerators and stuck in the dishwasher.

It is through such a wide vent hole and paid a spiderman in the apartment of Alla Pugacheva.

Cooking grid, which was intended architects could serve as a barrier to children's amusements, as well as from intruders, thieves Umballa knock down, well, and those who Pokhil, cut with hydraulic shears, and then quietly collapse in deepest space. Production "Sweep" sends accomplices with a rope.

Most often, spiderman and "commandoes" operate on the long-tested and debugged scheme. "Operation" carried out under cover of night. Armed with binoculars, they look out from the earth dark windows on the upper floors. Even if the electric lights in the apartment is not lit, night vision device still allows us to establish: whether in the home owners. But this precaution does not end there. "Dark" flat anyway once again checked. If you know the phone number, then a follow-up call. If the numbers do not, the offender will rise to the floor and rang the doorbell.

Absolutely convinced that the apartment is empty, the trooper climbs on the roof and down the rope on the right balcony. Some burglar squeezed out a pane of glass, while others prefer to use a diamond glass cutter. These professionals, paratroopers never Pozar on bulky items in the form of electronic technology of large size, carpets and heavy things. Collect only what can fit in a backpack Backpack: Money, Jewelry, silverware, bronze and porcelain figurines, players.

Although there are also some master large theft. For example, in a Siberian town was recorded record when spiderman came down from the roof of a nine-seventh floor apartment through the kitchen window and dragged back to the roof of the refrigerator Stinol, dishwasher and microwave oven.

Spiderman, which from a great height "dizzy", specializes in intrusion into other people's apartments, which are not above the fourth floor. Again through the balcony. Easy to steal. First Apartment "prozvanivaetsya" in order to ascertain, whether home owners. And then begins the surgery itself. On the balcony of the second or third floor is thrown "cat" - a device in the form of an anchor. Such tools are often used in high-altitude electricians, fitters, etc. The "cat" fixed strong rope by which a thief and climbs to the balcony. Open the door or the window - a matter of technology. An experienced thief with a "cat" climbs to the balcony for a few seconds. And, once again to avoid attracting attention of neighbors and passers-by, leaving the scene of the crime is through the front door.

Verholaznogo advantage of the matter is that by strengthening the door and inserting them into the most sophisticated locks and bolts, wealthy owners of apartments located above the third floor, forget to lock the balconies and loggias, windows and vents. Reason we all have one: Well, someone from the burglar in the head vzbredet clamber over a wall or a water pipe? It turns out there is someone - steeplejack. Specialization they have such. So the inhabitants of the upper floors is also worth to be vigilant and close windows and doors on all locks and latches. And the heart calmer and safer for the apartment ...

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