How to start the land reform?

17.01.2011 10:00
Articles about real estate | How to start the land reform? President of Ukraine in the near future intends to initiate land reform, which should ensure transparency in the sale of land.

He said this at a meeting of the Regional Committee for Economic Reforms in Rivne, noting that the pricing mechanism on the ground must be marketable. The President also drew attention to the importance of organizing in the regions of the system to bail out investors. In his opinion, necessary to accelerate the process of registration, purchase of land for the construction and carrying out the relevant sections of the required communications.

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Anatoly Matvienko, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations:

"We do not have the practice of land inventory (establishing the location of objects of land, their borders - Ed).. So nobody knows: where, who and how much resources are available. Not previously made the land register and set basic rules for this market. It is with this need to start reforming.

I also think that the financial transactions related to land, must pass through government land banks under strict control. For entrepreneurs, business-oriented non-agricultural production, also need to consider the scheme of investment for building and conducting communications.

In addition, we must impose restrictions on transactions with land for non-residents and to think first about the citizens of Ukraine. "

Yaroslav Moskalenko, deputy head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration:

"Reform of the land law - the basis for creating an enabling business environment. But now, to change the TSP, the regions have to act real mechanisms for investors. As long as they are available only in the Kiev region, which created the so-called single investment window. Companies that apply here with viable projects that receive support and the necessary permits. We are interested in the fact that a businessman quickly began construction. It invested investor money - a pledge that it will work, create jobs, would pay taxes.

To simplify the land allocation in each region must work the land commission, similar to those already working in the Kiev region. Today, for the land requires permission from the five services, each of which has 30 days to issue a conclusion. As a result, they can keep documents for 150 days. Land, the Commission shall issue a general opinion within 21 days. And, if after this period the document was not received, the project is coordinated by default. This is a guarantee of minimizing corruption in the land sector, as excluded direct communication with officials at various levels. "

Ildar Gazizulin, senior economist at the Center for Advanced Studies:

"In general, the president correctly identified the problem - lengthy and costly procedures for registration and access to communications. Simplify procedures easily, but the development of infrastructure can only be due to higher taxes and a clear definition of tariffs of services of natural monopolies. At the moment the main problem of owners of land - increasing taxes as provided by the Tax Code. In general, we can not say that the land issue is especially acute for SMEs. "

Oksana Kuzyakov, executive director, Center for Contemporary Society, Institute of Economic Research, and political consultations:

"Change must ZK in combination with the entire state system. After limiting the transparency of the land market - the basis of the destruction of extortion. This is necessary to minimize government intervention in the pricing issues, as the market - a system which independently regulate its equilibrium. All that is scarce, very expensive and vice versa.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the relationship between land and food production. In this area today involved a significant proportion of private capital. The smaller gossistema be here to interfere, the clearer and more transparent regulation will be effective use of the land. "

Maxim Kuznetsov, LLC Kvity-service ":

"We need to know exactly where and what is the earth that it can be built. And such information should be publicly available (eg the Internet), to minimize profiteering officials. You also need to prohibit review of positive solutions for the withdrawal of land, if the entrepreneur already made investments. The period of our review requests must be controlled, and the list of causes of failure - regulation.

It is necessary to clearly define the term, and land reclamation. Those with whom he had expired, select the resource and display it again on the free market sales. Apply punitive measures for officials, for example, for the late issuance of documents or non-printing state institutions. "

Igor Zaprudskaya, chairman of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Lugansk region, a member of the Coordinating Council of the Assembly of SMEs in Ukraine, the entrepreneur:

"Any reform in this country - is nonsense. Only through the lustration of power can change the law. What could be the new tax, labor and land codes?" The idea is that in general it is impossible to make anything into a gangster country. And we once again throw bait, so we have swallowed the bait. In fact, having covered our needs, land priberut their hands and make the people poor. "

Jaroslav Zhalilo, deputy director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Honored Economist of Ukraine:

"Codification of laws regulating the sale, lease of land is needed. Outset in order to reduce corruption in the process. The simplicity and transparency of regulatory rules and procedures will get rid of the dictatorship of bureaucrats, and the definition of criteria for sites in the ownership or Rent for SMEs - from corrupt decisions of local governments.

The strategic objective of the Land Code - to ensure efficient use of land, primarily agricultural (especially on the eve of lifting the moratorium on their sale). Poetomu code should nominate only specific qualification requirements for candidates for tenure. All this will guarantee the rights of owners of land shares, lease or manage.

HCC should also ensure that appropriate modes of land-use recreational facilities, resort areas, nature reserves, woodlands. It is extremely important to define mechanisms for transfer of land from one species into another: for example, the disengagement of the recreational areas and allocated for housing. "

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