How to sell your apartment is more expensive market value?

16.03.2011 20:30
Typically, the seller is always in the apartment a little better position than the buyer. Firstly, he knows everything about their product: advantages, disadvantages, history, and may on the basis of this information to derive an adequate price. Greater risk of the buyer, and the time the decision is limited. Professional brokers say that any one can sell an apartment - it's a question of price. And how to sell the apartment even with the gain, slightly above the market? There are some some simple techniques that will improve the attractiveness of your home to potential buyers.

Emotional buying

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Any realtor knows that the decision about buying an apartment is taken rather emotional than rational. The higher the class apartments, the greater the role it is emotion. Buyer after a cursory acquaintance with the object is lit: "This - is mine!". And then he has come to begin to convince yourself why this is the apartment he wanted, without emphasizing the possible disadvantages. The task of the seller in any way to make a first impression of the apartment was very positive. How is it done?

Of course, important look flat. Fresh cosmetic repairs immediately increases the attractiveness of the object. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it: it is known that the road repair itself does not pay - especially if it is the author's work. The new owner will still likely want to redo the interior for yourself. And expensive materials, the designer, furniture - most of their value can not be added to the market price of the apartment, otherwise it will become uncompetitive. There are exceptions - some people are looking for finished apartments with all amenities and good repair, in which we can immediately enter - this concerns the segments of the elite and the business of housing, but I still guess the taste of the potential buyer is extremely difficult. At the same time, expensive repairs in the apartment of economy-class almost always turns out to be unprofitable.

Nevertheless, a small cosmetic repairs should be. If the apartment was originally just "killed", it is worth at least paint the walls a light color and make the old, unwanted furniture and extra stuff. Litter immediately alienate customers. Bright, spacious and tidy room instantly make a positive impression on the buyer - especially if before he had managed to see some of these "dead" options.

Secondly, it is important to the state of sanitation. The owner should try to make it look flawless - as buyers always pay attention to it - there are also very fastidious and impressionable citizens.

It is also worth to remove all the drips from the ceiling, if any. Whitewash the ceiling is not so difficult, but the buyer will not be too much reason to think about the discomfort it may have to endure from the neighbors.

Good impression of the apartment can also be achieved to a high luster polish all the mirror surfaces in the house. They have to literally shine: mirrors, bathroom fixtures, doorknobs. It is well known simple technique, but it always works perfectly. We should also be said about the window. What they should be washed, it goes without saying - and you want to insert the missing glass in the frame, if they are absent. Itself to change the frame to a new, if old in tolerant state, it makes no sense. Window blinds decorate, even the most simple - light and neutyazhelyayuschie interior. More attention should be paid to curtains, if the view from the window is poor.

It is important that the room was not musty air and odors from your pets. Some advise to achieve a nice flavor, generous use of air freshener - better yet to use natural flavors. This may be the smell of freshly brewed coffee, cinnamon, baking. Chemical air fresheners are not all pleasant.

On the way home

Give a gloss of the apartment is not difficult, more difficult to beat its location. The potential buyer a better person to meet and walk together to the house. First of all, so you can plan your own trip so that his eyes did not come across negative sites, if available in your area. However, the way you can tell us about the pros and infrastructure environment.

Already in the house under the threat of a deal could put two factors: a contingent of neighbors and the state of the entrance. Logically, if at night you have in the yard going to a noisy company, it is better to move the show to another time.

State of the entrance is also important, especially if it's expensive real estate. Do not be sorry in this case the money for a little redecorating the entrance. Realtors know a lot of examples where small investments in improving the appearance of the porch and raised the cost of the flat, substantially recoup the costs of repairs. At the same time, even very good apartments in landscaped areas, sometimes permanently "stuck", since the state of the entrance is not up to par. Even if he was all right, flower pots on the stairs and pretty pictures or photographs in the perfect will enliven any home.

Negotiation strategies

So you put in order the flat, embellished staircase - it already gives a certain bonus when the price formation: comparison with the same apartments in similar homes in your area you get a definite advantage. Further, it is important to choose the right strategy for negotiations. First of all, in a conversation with the buyer should find out for whom to buy an apartment and that he is seeking. If it turns out that living next to his close relatives and the buyer need to move to them, closer to, say, to help with the housework - in this case it makes sense to slightly raise the price. How much - you can understand the reaction of your client. So, you see that apartment buyers are satisfied, moreover, he "spill the beans" that he needed this particular area. Then you gently call cost slightly more than expected to get - and watch for a backlash. If the buyer does not say yes or no, so it makes sense to continue to bend the line. If a buyer claims a categorical denial, then why not lower the bar - or find another client.

It sometimes happens that the apartment claiming several buyers. In this case, between them is possible to arrange an auction - for example, the apartment will go to who the highest bidder. This auction can be a full-time, when all parties sit down at the negotiating table, and correspondence. Value also has the condition, which offer customers - for example, on the terms and payment scheme.

Thus, the main strategy is to increase the price in negotiations - to determine the interest of the client and depending on it to put a price on, or else make buyers compete with each other.

So, we talked about some simple techniques that will enhance both the attractiveness of your home and will have an advantage in negotiations - gently raise the price level. At the same time, spacious, clean, bright apartment that smells of coffee with cinnamon and fresh pastries, already sells itself. Amongst similar apartments, it will have a distinct advantage - your efforts and costs will certainly pay off. Portal wish you good deal!

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