How to sell Koncha Zaspa

09.04.2011 16:55
How to sell Koncha Zaspa March 23 Prosecutor General's Office reported that a lawsuit for the return to state ownership of real estate over a large area in Koncha Zaspa (24 hectares of land, 27 km of the Metropolitan Highway).

It housed a military camp number 247. In Kyiv District Administrative Court filed a claim to revoke the order of the Minister of Defence from June 30, 2005

The battalion was gone. Appeared bankers

In our opinion, the information from the category of sensational. In 2005, this military town has been sold to little-known Kiev firm "Ost Plus, for which, according to media viewed the interests of two brothers - Sergei and Alexander Buryakov - known politicians, businessmen who control the" Brokbiznesbank. Defense has carried out the transaction (at the time it was headed by Anatoly Gritsenko). At 24 ha previously based electronic warfare battalion of the Armed Forces. The division has unexpectedly been translated in Vasilkov, a military town for sale. As a result, it has acquired Ost Plus.

Today Prosecutor General's Office concluded that the military camp was carried out of the competition, with violations.

Journalistic investigation of the combination of land in Kiev has allowed me to see behind the scenes of the commercial operations. The conversation will begin, perhaps, from the fact that Sergey and Alexander Buriak establish relations with the MoD started during the stay at the ministerial office of Alexander Kuzmuk. When the army agency head Anatoly Gritsenko, he talked much publicly about corruption, advocated the introduction of order. Nevertheless, the Minister Gritsenko, as analysts suggest, do not want to spoil relations with some political allies of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (at the time the camp had been Lady Yu and brothers Buryak). And therefore became possible sale in Koncha Zaspa - 247 th town?

According to the Military Prosecutor of the Central region of Ukraine, 247 th town a total area of ??2,091.10 square meters. m was sold for 10 million 11 thousand 800 UAH.

As reported Yevpatoriyskoe radio

And why the firm "Ost-plus generals have preferred? I managed to figure out the details of the transaction.

The lawyers argue that the decision on the alienation of property is taken by the army under the Cabinet of the Minister of Defence. And this is done through the authorized government organizations and enterprises. However, at that time the government did not consider this issue and its agreement to sell the former military base in Koncha Zaspa prevented. Army building went under the hammer with the knowledge of management Defense.

And here's how it was. In Evpatoria is building organization MO - 28 th Head of Office Work ", commanded by Igor Oleysker. In June 2005, Anatoly Gritsenko further empowered the enterprise fixed assets in the form of real estate garrison № 247 (Concha Zaspa, Capital Highway). Talking about warehouses, barracks, a pumping station, dining and more - a total of 11 objects. All this "good" was in charge already familiar to us electronic warfare battalion. And then suddenly it was transferred with the land (24 hectares) on the balance Evpatorian stroyupravleniya Oleyskera.

Today, prosecutors in his statement of claim in the Court states:

"... Zgіdno is part 1 behest mіnіstra defensive Ukraine vіd 30.06.2005 p. № 365 "About dodatkove nadіlennya asset Install" 28 Upravlіnnya Chief robіt "punished komanduvachu Povіtryanih forces Zbroynih Forces of Ukraine, the head of the leading residential-ekspluatatsіynogo upravlіnnya Zbroynih Forces of Ukraine organіzuvati bezoplatne viluchennya i transfer balance is Vasilkіvskoї residential-ekspluatatsіynoї Chasteen area, and the chief place" 28 Upravlіnnya Chief robіt "priynyati on balance, yakostі nadіlennya asset, Chasteen neruhomogo lane vіyskovogo mіstechka № 247 (m Kyiv )...» Takozh in 1 tsogo behest peredbacheno zakrіpiti sent messages per lane establish" 28 Upravlіnnya Chief robіt " on pravі gospodarskogo vіdannya that utrimuvati for rahunok gospodarskoї dіyalnostі. Vkazany mandate mіnіstra dropped Ukraine є illegal that pіdlyagaє skasuvannyu.

According to independent military analysts, this combination probably conceived with the sole purpose - to have legal grounds for sale Igor Oleyskerom territory and real estate in Koncha Zaspa.

But is not there guile? Once the media chief military prosecutor Prosecutor General's cupola Viytev Yuri said:

- During the audit also found that the Ministry of Defence used circuit transfer military equipment from military units subordinate enterprises, which continue to implement it. This avoids the consent of the Cabinet, as required by law.

Such is the guileless combination. In the military environment There is a version that one of the main supporters of this kind of technology was the former Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Kredisov. As you know, Anatoly Gritsenko with Kredisovym not work and last in April 2006 had to leave office.

It seemed that after leaving Kredisova Gritsenko will break all of these questionable schemes, many of which were started before he came to the post of minister. After all, he himself said that some brokers "allegedly sold the old buildings, but in reality - the land, valued symbolic. As a result, the budget does not receive quite a lot of money. " However, the deal to sell military base in Koncha Zaspa Mr. Gritsenko refused to reconsider.

And as "leaving" the land Koncha Zaspa. May 17, 2006 in Evpatoria Head 28 stroyupravleniya Igor Oleysker announced a tender. Yes, yes, sell real estate in Koncha Zaspa, which was previously assigned to the battalion of electronic warfare. And for 18 May (very quickly!) Held a meeting of the working group, consider the revshey offers potential buyers. The tender was willing to participate by "Eli", "Alsou", "Isso", "Ost-plus.

According to our records, the contest had so quickly that some applicants for this event did not even get there. Wait, but what they had heard about the competition? Maybe the information was published in the Government Gazette or other official publication in the Gazette of privatization? It turns out that some members such as representatives of Nicholas enterprise "Alsou" learned of a tender from the Evpatoria radio ad for "Kalam".

Yeah, the "wide" alert buyers bothered Mr. Oleysker. Evpatoria journalist Vladimir Lutev claims that have never heard of this radio station. In his view, the so-called "competition" was attended by front companies. Some of them are registered to the same address.

- A co-founder of "Isso" is the wife of Igor Oleyskera - said Lutev.

Company invisible. And plans for communities

Winning the competition was awarded LLC Ost Plus. That is what the company got 11 buildings on the former military base. Army Town to be auctioned off privately, on the basis of any special agreements between the businessmen and gentlemen of the Ministry of Defense. Of course, no transparency, transparency in this matter and did not exist. Eyewash military chiefs had a tender, but calling this very procedure other than fraud impossible.

On inquiry, I found that the firm is registered in the Pechersk district of Kiev on Feb. 16, 2004 at: ul. Rybalskaya, 2. At that time, its stock was only 21 thousand UAH. Wide enough range of activities: it is the realization of consumer goods, and metalworking, and construction business ...

Take note of this and nuance. Partnerships "Osty plus" with the Defence Ministry has its origins in 2004 when the young company has signed a contract with him about mutual participation in the construction of housing for servicemen. And it is from 21 thous. in your pocket.

Two years later, on 23 May of 2006, Chief of Construction Department of Defense and chief Dmitry Isaenko firm "Ost Plus signed a supplementary agreement to the said contract.

I spoke to the MoD, that the defenders of the Fatherland hatched plans to build housing in Koncha Zaspa, in an area where the battalion was based electronic warfare. And in confirmation of this version of knowledgeable people have argued that in the bowels of the Ministry had developed a scheme for securing the land under the planning stage, and housing on the lands of the military camp number 247. Ostensibly this scheme in due course approved even Defense Minister Kuzmuk.

And although the construction of skyscrapers in Koncha Zaspa for the army did not work out, but on its own initiative LLC Ost-plus generals had heard. The firm was committed to a future victory in a precarious tender for the purchase of a tasty morsel, near Kiev.

In order to get acquainted with this company, I went to Rybalskyi. However, the office Osty Plus to find out there is impossible, because the list of companies that rent "squares" on Rybal's'ke, 2, and such does not appear. Then went to the street. Nikolai Vasilenko, 7a. Because this address appears in the contract of sale of military property. Unfortunately, there no traces of "Osty plus" was not found.

What more surprises in this story? For expert evaluation of the cost of military facilities to pay "Ost-plus. Why MO remained on the sidelines? It turns out that they have "no money" to pay for his services. This is the question of "independent" expert conclusions.

June 2, 2006 after signing the sales contract was drafted Acceptance real estate transfer military camp number 247. From the firm "Ost Plus document was signed by President Malyuk, Vladimir Voloshchuk and chief accountant Larisa Muraviev. The property took on the balance Director Alexander Sorochinskij.

Is all of this behind the scenes not seen (or do not want to see?) Anatoly Gritsenko? Whether he was aware of the undercurrents of this more than doubtful trade army objects? That's the way, Mr. Gritsenko claimed in a conversation with one of the journalists:

"Deyakі pіdpriєmtsі UCLA contract is Mіnoboroni on nevigіdnih for armії minds in 2002-2004 pp., Ale no vstigli oformiti ground. Pong underpaid derzhbyudzhetu mіnіsterstva mayzhe UAH 200 million., Earth dwellers legally volodіti i spіvpratsyuvati is Mіnoboroni nadalі. For tsimi structures stand people Visoko status zokrema th narodnі MP. Until rechі, I want to podyakuvati їm for those scho stench is rozumіnnyam set up problems armії i pіshli nazustrich іnteresam bezkvartirnih vіyskovih.

When the correspondent asked in what kind of faction includes these deputies, Anatoly Stepanovich diplomatically replied that it was about the "Our Ukraine" and the "Region" and the BYuT ...

The "orange" days of the principal public prosecutor's investigation into the sale of military bases in Koncha Zaspa was impossible - to enforce the law told me that "thwarted." Defense Ministry was not interested in providing this information, press.

The situation changed only today. Principled test conducted military prosecutor of the Central region. In Bell also scored a well-known Crimean journalist Vladimir Lutev, with whom this author investigated some mysterious combination of branches for the sale of army bases in Koncha Zaspa. Recently Lutev (who, incidentally, was awarded the honorary commissioner for human rights BP "For courage", as well as the Order of Courage »III cent.) Personally attended the reception at the First Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin and told him about the materials of the joint investigative journalism. After this visit, there were official reported that the prosecutor's office began a struggle for the return of former military camp in Koncha Zaspa.

Results of operations "Capture"

Thousands of army camps came under the control of politicians, parliamentarians, people from the nearest environment of the former leadership of the state. This is a "good" is estimated at billions of hryvnia. For example, in 2008 the regiment, which was carrying military duty in a suburb of Kiev (AS Vita Postal), was as a "bum", that is, without a permanent place of deployment. Because more than 10 hectares of land on which it was based, has passed into private hands.

In this regard, in 2008 the General Prosecutor's Office made a submission to the then Defence Minister Yury Yekhanurov:

"28 rib 2005 Mіnіsterstvom defensive rock is TOV" Budіndustrіya - Alliance servіs Ltd. lifestyle please schodo spіlnogo budіvnitstva Zhitlo on the lands of Defense have to. Vіta Poshtova Kiїvskoї oblastі. Mіnіsterstvo defense vіdmovlyayuchis vіd privablivoї zemelnoї dіlyanki rozmіrom need the 10 hectares bіlya Kiєva and weather kompensatsіyu in rozmіrі 2,5 million UAH. On yakі for rinkovimi tsіnami in Kiєvі can pridbati in extreme vipadku three apartments. And that fact on the scho teritorії zaznachenogo mіstechka znahoditsya in / h A-0799, yak Nese boyove cherguvannya, vzagalі proіgnorovano.

- The Ministry of Defence - full orgy in the integration of land - noted at the Prosecutor General's board.

In the capital, officers Holoseievski military enlistment office came one day to the service - and a recruiting office and no. Sold! This deal has been scrolled so blazing that the institution did not even understand anything.

Head of the main military prosecutor's offices Prosecutor General Yuri Viytev telling in this regard:

"June 6, 2006 Defense Ministry signed a contract with" Teba Co. Ltd. on the construction of housing in Holoseievski military enlistment office in Kiev. However, a week later by an additional agreement was actually sold property complex recruiting office for 6.5 mln. when its real value over 13 mln. The same scheme were implemented building a 35-second military camp in the capital. They have sold over 7 million USD. At a time when their cost, according to the experts, - about 12 million "

On the facts of the sale of army property in the capital, including the building of military enlistment office, criminal proceedings were instituted. Investigators questioned witnesses, seize documents, schedule an examination. And when it came time to give a legal evaluation of actions of commanders and their business partners, Themis suddenly, as if waking up, imposed a ban on the criminal proceedings.

The mechanism of exclusion Army property did not give errors. Because too much money to turn in this business.

I would hope that this will not happen this time. Already there are examples where the combinators are responsible for their mischief. This month, the Kiev Court of Appeal upheld the verdict against a former branch manager of the central specialized stroyupravleniya Ministry of Defence "Ukroboronbud Vyacheslav Melnik. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. "With the help of" Miller's MO has lost 27 military camps!

This figure for 2006 concluded on behalf of the War Department a number of contracts with commercial firms on the joint construction in the army camps. As a share of the MO properties were made. Miller then signed the agreement "compensation" firms share value of the ministry. As a result, businesses would repossess the military camps.

But the Ministry of Defense all the time complaining about the lack of money.

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