How to sell house by means of Feng Shui

11.11.2012 10:00
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In the case of Feng Shui important - to create an atmosphere in the house being sold to prospective buyer, once inside, it felt comfortable, it is understood that this is the house of his dreams. This can be achieved by the following means.

First, remove the large furniture - it creates a feeling of a small space, while buyers tend to love the large rooms that were, as they say, where carousing. Remember, it will seem more spacious than the house, the more it is attractive to the buyer.

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Secondly, in the narrow corridors and small rooms, place the mirror. They visually increase the amount of space. But remember, the mirror should not "look" at each other at the door or window, because it misrepresents the movement of qi, and then the buyer subconsciously feel that in this house bad Feng Shui. Adverse Qi will cause him discomfort.

Thirdly, before the exhibit houses for sale, be sure to spend it spring cleaning - it will attract a fresh chi and will be conducive to creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Fourth, highlight all the dark zone. People are subconsciously afraid of darkness and gloom, so even if the buyer and enjoy the appearance of selling the house, but he found a lot of dark areas, it is unlikely that it comes to buying and selling. Do not forget also that the dark zone - that place a high concentration of negative chi, which, naturally, will not contribute to your material success.

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