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01.07.2011 07:45
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It's no secret that for a period of exposure apartment is influenced by many factors. This economic situation in the country and state of the market - the ratio of the volume on it supply and demand, and the characteristics and features of the apartment. Realtors also like to say that the main thing - it's price, price, and again for money. This indicator best reflects all the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment.

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To object is a keen interest to the buyer, it is important that the price of the apartment was adequate, that is consistent with market realities. Need to understand that a chilling message to customers is not only overpriced, but clearly underestimated price.

Julia Lourie, Head Office Dobryninskaya Company "INCOM-Realty said that a big mistake for the owner it would be presumptuous to assume that he knows how much his apartment. "There comes a man and says he wants 8 million. Not all Realtors have the courage to tell the client that a similar apartment cost 7 million, and that for 8 to sell it is impossible. In any area of ??Moscow can be found about 600 proposals to sell the apartment. Of these, the buyer will arrange at least 100, a very picky buyer - at least 40. Clearly, that will be bought that apartment, the owner of which is flexible in the negotiation process and is ready to make concessions on price, "- says Ms. Lurie.

Thus, it is important not just to put an adequate price for the apartment, but also presenting state of the market, take a right negotiating position. "If the client does not listen to advice, insists on her vision problem, do not understand what you need to react to market movements, the seasonal factor, the change in economic conditions, the realtor is to let him go. Result will still be zero ", - concluded Julia Lourie.

Exclusive objects

More difficult to set the right price to owners of apartments that have a certain exclusivity, with exclusive features. And this applies not only to the elite housing. In this situation, the landlord may either independently carry out a study on the market offers and to withdraw (probably more intuitively) a price, or resort to a professional appraiser. But as the experience and real estate practice, the real value of the object is determined only by demand.

General Director of Real Estate Agency «Great reality» Rakova Natalia believes that exposing an apartment for sale, the owner himself will feel the market reaction to an apartment on the buyer's phone calls (their presence or absence). "If the owner is important to sell the apartment, it will change the price according to market demand. Well, finally the price the seller will adjust only if there is a real offer from a buyer "- says Ms. Rakov.

Clean the apartment

Price - this is an important factor, but when there are multiple objects with understanding owners, willing to be flexible negotiating position, you can try to create a competitive advantage.

The first thing that realtors are advised to do in the apartment - is, oddly enough, ... cleaning. It would seem that the buyer is looking for quality housing characteristics, but nevertheless, it is slovenly kind of housing can spoil all the impression of a potential client, even from a very successful facility. In addition, the portal never tires of repeating that buying a home - the process of emotional, and every little thing here can be decisive.

Aleksander Zima, director of real estate sales company Penny Lane Realty gives owners the following tips:

· Main thing is that the apartment was clean and tidy. To do this, take out the garbage and trash, wash windows, clean the balcony, wallpaper glue.

• In the room must be pleasant smell. The smell of animals, or drugs is extremely undesirable and may scare the buyer;

· Try to thoroughly wash all surfaces. Pay special attention to tile, bathroom, toilet, kitchen stove - everything it should shine. Replace blown light bulbs to new, better more powerful. Bright light makes it visually more spacious room that attracts the buyer;

· Although clients usually do not pick on the state of communications, plumbing should work in an apartment should not have bare wires. Repel and traces of leaks in the walls and ceiling. It is clear that they can be both random (once filled neighbors from above) and permanent (leaky roof house). So do not be lazy to paint them and, if necessary, perekleit wallpaper;

• If you have a beautiful view from the window - open the curtains wide open and organize a demonstration in the afternoon to focus on this account. If the view is poor, then the demonstration of an apartment is better to move to the evening, and the window to hang pretty curtains.

Do I need a flat repair

An important question that arises before the landlord decided to put it on sale - it needed a repair it? Indeed, some cosmetic improvements - such as paint to flow on the ceiling - are required, but is it worth to invest in a full renovation, he adds apartment competitive advantage?

Here, the situation depends on the class apartment. In the luxury segment to invest in a quality finish is most often not necessary, because it can not simply make a potential buyer, whose taste is quite difficult to guess.

Aleksander Zima believes that if housing and no repair looks clean and tidy, plumbing and wiring are in satisfactory condition, then make repairs simply impractical.

The situation, according to experts, changing, if the apartment is in need of major repairs with the replacement frames, decking, flooring, lining the walls. "Usually the cost of works included in the price of housing in the subsequent sale. This is not to say that this increases the cost of the project. Surcharge only covers the costs of repair. Get an additional amount above is unlikely, because the cost in this case would be too high and buyers will find a problem "- says Mr. Zima.

Finally sdelkiDelat redecorating instead of capital is also not an expert advises. "Chosen finish can not make a prospective buyer, and he will change it. Also, hide the problems with communication or old window frames in such a way will not work. So the price of the apartment "cosmetic" effect impossible.

The easiest way to sell the house in its original state, executing a presale. The price in this case will be adequate for all but the owner does not lose time, and the buyer will receive an apartment, which can alter under him "- says Mr. Zima.

With regard to economy class, is the buyer, by contrast, wants to see an apartment is almost ready for entry, with a good finish and nice design.

Julia Lurie notes that recent buyers have become sensitive to the quality of repair in acquired apartment. "15 years ago, people did not pay attention to the repair, and we almost did not consider it when evaluating the quality of the apartment," - said the expert. "Everyone has seen the designer, all fed up with small kitchen, I wanted to immediately demolish the wall and create something of such things to all friends gasped.

Now times have changed. First, the apparent results of extensive amateur repairs - cracks in walls, problems with neighbors, illegitimacy redevelopment. Secondly, people played enough in the extreme design. Now, customers choose an apartment with a good, low-key finish - light walls, durable flooring, quality sanitary ware, windows, kitchen. Wanting to buy a house and immediately invest in its repair was ten times less, "- said Ms. Lurie.

As for other tips, realtors recommend to pay attention to the front group.

The simplest, according to Alexander Zima what you can do - wash your floor and entrance lobby, painted door leading to the staircase, replace broken light bulbs and arrange flowers. The expert spoke about the case from his practice, when the owner, having invested only $ 2000 in repairs of common areas, could increase the cost of housing in the $ 5000 for 1 square meter, while reducing the period of exposure to two weeks. Thus he not only recoup the costs, but also a great profit.

Experts say that the average period of exposure to the secondary housing market in Moscow and Moscow region is about two months. Of course, this does not mean that that is how much will sell your apartment. If the object is more liquid assets than the rest, while its sales could fall. Portal hopes that these tips will help improve the market appeal of your apartment, and it will be implemented as soon as possible.

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