How to sell a flat in the period of «stagnation»

04.11.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | How to sell a flat in the period of «stagnation» Secondary housing market затоварен: for each purchaser sometimes are dozens of wanting to get rid of «superfluous» apartments. And only competent preselling preparation increases the chances for successful seller transaction. The person, wishing to sell the apartment, usually monitors the indicators of the prices of the housing market so hard as agronomist for weather forecasts.

Secondary housing market is not quite well: its activity is declining. If in February the exposure time of one-room apartment in the databases was 39 days and three rooms - 43 days in August, these values were equal to 50 and 58 days. That is, time is not in favor of the profitable sale of apartments. But nothing is impossible: our main weapon in a challenging real estate market of period - pre-sale preparation.

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Rule one: do your research
To assess whether justified your price expectations, it makes sense to compare their requests with the prices offered for sale apartments in the next quarters. If you have a typical home, then on the Internet, and there are certainly not just counterparts, and accurate «twins». If such apartments are featured in the bases of the proposals is not the first month, be prepared for the fact that the prices are too high. And remember that in the ads served realtors, in the stated price is included and the cost of real estate services. Subtract the offer price analogue of ten per cent and get the amount that you have a chance to get in the best case, if the transaction.

Comfort of those who sell unnecessary property to buy another, necessary, that is to say that if you purchase a counter object today must be to bargain. However, in different segments the situation is different. have to be ready to attempts to seriously «push» your price range.

One and two bedroom apartments - goods little more marketable. But in the segment of housing minor competition sellers inherited «однушек» are developers, who will market new objects, entirely composed of small-sized apartments.

Rule two: choose between «fast» and «expensive»
The situation when you need to quickly sell the flat, usually due to the fact that you have taken a fancy alternative («incoming»traffic), and afraid that she will not wait. But the situation today is quite not the same as several years ago when the apartment, especially small ones, sold out like hot cakes. Today the seller «oncoming» can wait (queue of people wishing to it, probably not). But buyers do not intend to wait.

So, if you need to sell urgently, put the object on sale have at a price less than the competitors. If you are not ready to such a «feat» - experiment, starting with the amount that you think is fair. But if you make sure that the proposal, despite all painted with dignity, from emphasized friendly neighbors up Windows in the blooming garden, is not reciprocated, object overrated.

Feeding the announcement of the sale of a typical apartment at a price that, in your understanding, below the market average, avoid detailed description. Let attractive price speaks for itself - you will get a call detail расспросят. Yes, in this case, you often have to answer calls and show your apartment. But high activity increases the chance of finding a buyer.

Ad with photo increases the probability that the object will pay attention. But interior shots with неприбранными kitchen-table and seedy sofas nothing to tell the buyer. Best in a Sunny day, having in hands the camera, hold a photo shoot on the street. Remove the house itself, the surrounding gardens, playgrounds, perhaps, a view of the Park from the window.

Rule three: prepare your documents in advance
If it is urgent sale, title documents should be at hand and in the condition to tomorrow - sign the contract. The best option - a full package of documents showing the legal history of the object from the moment of privatization. This copies of the certificate of property received on the basis of contracts of sale and purchase, donation, certificates of inheritance. If there are none, you can advance to request an extract from the Unified register in which are reflected all the rights and encumbrances. However, if the expectation of the transaction is delayed, the statement must update: banks and notaries require that it was fresh (not more than one month old).

The cadastral passport or registration certificate of the old model, which has a plan apartment, is also a useful document. Presenting it to the visitors, you show that there is no illegal alterations. Make several copies of the plan to give their «смотрильщикам». You do not lose anything, but it is not impossible that this paper does not like advertising booklet, will be a kind of turning point: having discussed all options on the family Council and pencil in hand, «apart» furniture for almost his apartment, potential contractors come back to you.

Rule four: more «positive»
Among other things, to spend a few nights on the final cleaning. Whatever may seem attractive to the buyer the price, «dead» and захламленная apartment - always a reason to actively look at other options.

First, get rid of junk. The smaller leave pieces of furniture - so will look more spacious housing. Secondly, remember that smells is what always remains in memory and can cause a variety of associations. So get rid of «flavors» of dust, mold, cooking fats, which, obviously, will haunt your guests after the visit, wash out finishing and kitchen and ventilate the premises. Thirdly, replace the bright light bulbs (good light, especially in the winter twilight, help create a joyful mood). And, finally, tidy sanitary ware to the bathrooms were clean, but of cranes from dripping water: investments is low, but on the emotional perception of these little things affect significantly.

But the most unpleasant thing for a buyer was not a condition of the home, and a dirty hallway. The apartment is not a theater, and it begins not with hangers in the hallway, and from the main entrance. Of course, if we were selling luxury apartment in the old Fund, primarily invested in the restoration of stucco in the front. But as soon as it is about the organization of sales in the ordinary house to «work» with the representatives of the service organization is to make them conscientiously perform the duties of cleaning of staircases and lifts. And let not save shampoo and light bulbs. It is possible that you yourself would have to take up a MOP and duster: because negligence cleaners can turn into profits in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Rule five: reasonable and sufficient repair
Unless it is urgent sale - need to think about the repair. But the question is, will pay for itself whether premarket apartment renovation, - you will not answer neither one realtor. Indeed, in the period of active market qualitatively renovated apartment had chances to be sold at 5-10% more, than the same, but the «killed». Based on these data, you can assess the estimate for the proposed works. Today, when the market is stagnating, and experts predict the probability of falling prices, sellers are faced with a dilemma: to sell today, in «as is» (discounts and taking into account the recommendations above) or, spending time and money for modernization, try to «recapture» costs. Forecasts, alas, is not in favor of the second option.

But here, every case is different. If in the surrounding houses put up for sale a variety of apartments, many months of not leaving directories, «a fresher» housing exhibited by the more or less an attractive price, has the competitive advantage: apartments, allowing to check immediately after the purchase, often interested limited in the media mortgage buyers.

Pre-selling repair with replacement of window blocks, plumbing, floors and update ceilings also shown is for sites that without repair sell impossible (for example, in a suburban apartment buildings is not the first freshness). But it is worth it only if the house is not old (from the point of view of mortgage banks), and the title deeds - all right.

As soon as it came on repair, let's give another series of tips. Doesn't make sense to refresh Wallpaper and ceilings, leaving the cracked window frames and rusty pipes. The buyer, the seeker option «buy and въезжай»didn't appreciate such «modernization». Better to do Vice versa - replace Windows, sanitary technical units, clean the walls of the layers of Wallpaper and process them, dedusting primer. The atmosphere is begun repair will make the object «positive»leave the perennial smells musty, characteristic for housing «strongly». In this case the buyer is more likely to be inclined to forgive the cracks in the ceiling and hooked the floors.

If it is a flat not in the lowest price category, not to do neither cheap nor expensive furnish. Indeed, the first than to engage in any Novosel, is the replacement of Wallpaper on your own taste. It makes sense to restrict the draft repair with the preparation under pasting and painting.

Rule six: art sale
And last: art sale - nobody cancelled. But as unprofessional real estate sellers meet the buyer? Some hauntingly beckoning at the table, offering a drink tea with plushies. Others are not ready without irritation put in a guest next hallway. The third tell everyone you meet about how to crave leave from the surrounding drunks and cockroaches. But in the first case, the potential transaction partner, not likely to be bound to, and if you try to keep him hurry to say goodbye. Reverse tactics are unlikely to lead to the desired result - interest. But buyers are different. Unbeaten line of conduct for all occasions - all kind of show that you and your neighbors are interested in that apartment, which you so sorry to leave, was in good hands.

Competent seller - one of the most claimed and highly paid in our time of specialties. How to attract and keep the cold buyer, real estate agents psychologists are trained in the trainings on the art of sales. And if you manage to find «your» realtor and make it work for them - consider that half the work done. 
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